The never ending laundry cycle: Persil Powergems

The laundry basket is basically my nemesis. I spend all week battling to control it. I empty it and feel this overwhelming sense of elation and then when I turn around it’s full again.

I swear it has a life of it’s own, a personality. It has a good laugh at my expense, especially when it comes to the days when it’s not just the daily washing but the towels and bedding as well and when it’s six lots of everything the approach to laundry has to be beast mode quite frankly.

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Anyone else feel like this about laundry?

I kid you not, some days I’m literally drowning in the stuff, my best friend, the gorgeous tumble dryer can barely keep up. I think it groans every time I switch it on.

Anyone else have these issues?

Getting control

When you have a tough job to tackle, you need something that is up for the job. Launching in time for the summer and all that extra holiday washing are New Persil Powergems, which are said to offer a revolutionary and unique laundry experience. Now a ‘laundry experience’ sounds way better than the never ending mountain I struggle to reach the top of.

tackling family laundry

Ten years of research and development has gone into these gems, meaning that these tiny little dirty washing soldiers can provide the triple action of stain removal, care and long-lasting freshness all rolled into one.

The idea is that the 100% active ingredients disperse in your drum throughout the entire wash cycle – so you are covered no matter what your issue. Muddy sports kit; sweaty towels or gym wear; chocolate; make up or even a splash of red wine – Persil Powergems can help you out.

How often to you look at a stain or just mud-caked sports kit and think there is no way your washing powder or tablets can tackle it? The new Persil Powergems might just be your secret weapon.


You can get these in Biological and Non Biological variants and in a range of different pack sizes from 12 to 30 washes. It’s super easy to use, just twist of the lid, fill the dosing cap and add to the drum.

In the past I’ve mainly used supermarket own liquid capsules. I never thought there was a problem and they seemed to do the trick, bar a few stubborn stains, but I have to say that having tried the new Persil Powergems now I see a huge difference. Things I would have had to soak and apply stain remover to in the past, now come effortlessly clean in a regular wash with these little beauties. It’s fuss free and it really does the job. With the addition of a gorgeous mud kitchen for the children in our garden I need this Persil powerhouse in my life.

Everything seems extra fresh these days  – now if Persil could just create a product that processed washing from the laundry basket, through the wash and back away in the wardrobes that would be awesome.


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