COVID-19 and laundry: what you need to know

COVID-19 has rocked the world in many ways. How has it altered how you deal with the day-to-day? Are you a front-line worker who strips off the moment you walk through your door, so you can wash off the day and minimise the risk to your family? Perhaps since the restrictions have begun to lift you are someone who has developed a system for keeping things clean and minimising the risk of the virus in your home through cleaning and washing rituals?

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Laundry tips for winter


The “Snow Bomb” that has landed on the UK is great for the children – but it can be a real pain for us adults to keep up with everything. While I still feel nostalgic for making snowmen and having snow fights with my friends, less exciting thoughts like keeping my brood fed and clothed […]

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Lighten the load

lighten the load

For busy families, the amount of washing that has to be done every week can be immense. For families like ours where everyone does lots of different activities and spends a lot of time outdoors this increases. As well as the normal day to day washing of clothes and weekly washing of towels and bedding, […]

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