The power of music

Music can be so powerful because it can make you feel a particular way. There are songs that make us feel sad, songs that make us feel happy, songs that make us feel determined, songs that make us want to dance, songs we can’t help but sing along to and so on. Music is clever like that.

There is currently a music campaign with Bratz – if you follow the hashtag #tweetabeat you will see a range of opportunities to win one of the new Bratz Remix Collection dolls just by tweeting a favourite song.

539926 Bratz Remix Doll Asst FW 01

How can you just choose one song though? When I talked to my daughter about what was her favourite EVER song she really struggled – because how could she choose just one? My big girl is super musical and plays the guitar.

2016-03-10 16.14.15

We then began to chat about different songs and how they make us feel and I asked her a few specific questions – have a look below what her answers were, what would yours be?

  • What song makes you happy? “Happy”
  • What song makes you feel confident? “The Climb” and “Wings”
  • What song makes you want to dance? “Shake It Off”
  • What song makes you want to sing? “Love Yourself”
  • What song reminds you of your favourite people? “Coming Home” and “7 Years”

She loves Little Mix, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and lots of collaborations like Rita Ora and Sigma. What music do your children enjoy?

If you do have some little disco divas in the house, they might enjoy the Bratz Remix Collection, which is available in most large toy stores and online. These dolls are lots of fun. Each doll comes with their oversized headphones and removable ears. Like any little diva, these ‘girls’ all have their own individual style so your child can choose the one that best matches their style or of course collect the set!

Don’t forget to watch the hashtag #tweetabeat to see if you can win yourself one!


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