Bath time with Baby born

bath time with baby born

What is bath time like in your house? I’ve written about bath time many times, with everything from establishing a good bath time routine, to the fantasy vs reality of bath time with children. I’ve said before that bathtime can be bonkers in our house, but at least non of the children are afraid of water! Quite […]

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The 3 Most Beautiful Children’s Toys of 2017


Every year, hundreds of different children’s toys are released. Some are funny, some are cute, and some are downright disgusting – and then there are the toys that make even adults stop for a moment and think, “Wow, that’s stunning.” The world of children’s toys is a busy place, but these three toys stand out […]

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What’s new? Toys for pre-schoolers

toys for pre-schoolers

Toys: the good, the bad and the awful Over the years since I first became a parent I’ve seen a lot of toys. Some great, some alright and some utterly shocking ones. I’ve bought some things for the children that have lasted for years and a few things that haven’t lasted much more than five […]

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The power of music


Music can be so powerful because it can make you feel a particular way. There are songs that make us feel sad, songs that make us feel happy, songs that make us feel determined, songs that make us want to dance, songs we can’t help but sing along to and so on. Music is clever […]

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