The Pros of Having Regular Short Breaks at Work

Modern employers are quickly realising that the old-school method of drilling workers to keep their heads down and “just work” no longer adds to the overall productivity of a company. Instead, flexible working hours and regular breaks are the names of the game. But why?

By allowing (and even encouraging) workers to take short breaks at work (or at home if they work remotely), you allow their minds to clear so they remain more focused and driven. This can be enforced through using cloud HR software in order to possibly monitor how many breaks have been taken.  If you are still not convinced that short breaks can actually up one’s performance, perhaps the following list of pros will have you sold.

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5 Reasons Why Short Breaks Are Good for The Workforce

1. They give the opportunity to re-evaluate daily goals

A mere 5-minute break can help an employee to assess the work that has been done to ensure that all goals are on track. When we work, there are often a hundred different things that try to redirect our focus at any given time. A break can give an individual space to breathe and re-evaluate goals from an outside perspective.

2. They give a creativity boost

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We have all had those moments where we simply cannot figure out a solution to a problem, or come up with a new creative idea. Creativity tends to hit when we are not focused on the picture. It comes when we least expect it. This is why spending too many hours with our noses on the grindstone can actually do more harm than good when it comes to productivity.

Taking a few short breaks throughout the day will give the mind a chance to come up with ideas and solutions more organically.

3. They encourage the cultivation of healthier habits

When we work for hours on end, then this leaves little room for regular eating, drinking, and exercise. By taking a few short breaks, employees can use the opportunity to grab a drink of water or a snack. It also allows one to stretch their body muscles and eyes. Even a 20-minute catnap can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul.

Suffice it to say, a person who follows healthier habits is one who will be at work more often and will be in the right state of mind to perform duties optimally.

4. They make work more exciting

Short breaks give workers time to catch up with news around the water cooler. It gives them something to look forward to. A person who is excited about work and enjoys a rewarding break is one who will be more dedicated and enthusiastic about the job at hand.

5. They give you the energy you need to take on more

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Scheduling in regular breaks is a great way to organise a series of mini deadlines to work towards. These smaller goals tend to be less daunting and as a result, they are more easily attained. When we accomplish a goal, we generally feel more energised and motivated for the next one.

All of the benefits of regular short breaks that we mentioned above will ultimately combine to enable one to work more productively and effectively.

Does your workplace encourage short breaks? Do you think this is beneficial?

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