Things to do in Canada with kids

Pre-Covid the world felt so big and I wondered how on earth we would ever be able to visit all the amazing places in the world with our children.

When the global pandemic hit, the world suddenly became so much smaller. Travel has been off the table, and for over a year, the ability to drive somewhere a few miles away at times to go for a walk has seemed like an adventure.

Although we dont yet know for certain when we will be able to travel freely again, I’m confident we will get there, and when we do it will be so exciting and we wont take it for granted.

One of the places we intend to travel as a family is Canada. It is somewhere I find hugely exciting because it has so many of the things we love to do as a family.

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In order that we could make the most of our trip, we would fly in one side of Canada, drive across, stopping at various points of interest along the way and fly home from a different airport. As an example, fly into Toronto and out of Vancouver, there are several options depending on what you want to do, have a browse online so you can price things up and find family holidays to Canada.

When you begin to look into a family holiday to Canada the possibilities are endless, but I’ve managed to contain my excitement long enough to get down a few thoughts.

Must-see places

I absolutely have some must-see places on our list of what to do in Canada with the children. Niagara Falls is non-negotiable, I’ve always wanted to go and I think a trip on a boat and also ziplining would be wonderful family activities with spectacular views.

We would also visit the CN Tower in Toronto and Toronto Zoo, as they have giant pandas which we have never seen before.

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Having extensively researched this trip, I also think other must-see places include Lake Louise, which just looks stunning, the Banff Gondola and Hot Springs, Calgary Tower and Grouse Mountain, known as The Peak of Vancouver. There are also a number of outdoor floating inflatable waterparks in Canada which would be brilliant fun with the children.

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National Parks

As part of our trip we would spend several days in Banff National Park. It seems to be ideal for adventurous families like us who enjoy walking and exploring. The scenery looks stunning and there is plenty of culture too. It always has incredible reviews and apparently it’s the best place to go sledding with huskies!

Lakes and waterfalls

Whilst Niagara Falls is the obvious choice when you think of Canada, there are some other impressive falls you can also visit. We would include a visit to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park on our trip. This is known as the Niagara of the North and has a beach and lovely walking trails.

We love lakes and we love to canoe, swim and play around on SUPs, so, for us, a visit to a number of Canadian lakes would be a must.

I’ve already mentioned Lake Louise, but we we would also include Lake Minnewanka, the longest lake in the Canadian Rockies. You can go on a boat tour, go hiking, mountain biking or even stay in one of the six campsites.

As far as a family trip goes, Canada has so much to offer. My view is that to get the best out of this beautiful country it would help to have a good sense of adventure and enjoy hiking at least. One thing is for sure, a family holiday in Canada would create lifelong memories to treasure.

This is a collaborative article.


  1. My sister moved to Vancouver back in 2008 and I still haven’t been able to afford to go and visit but I hear there’s some great attractions to visit.

  2. Canada is at the top of our list of places to visit in the future. My late step-dad has a brother and sister who live there and it’d be lovely to visit and meet them, along with seeing all the amazing things Canada has to offer. Your post about it has definitely bumped it up the list and we’ve started to look into some details for post-pandemic.

  3. Yep, Canada is definitely on my list of ‘must see’ places – so vast, so varied and so very beautiful. You can almost smell the cleanness from here! And I’ve wanted to visit Niagara Falls since I was a little girl and first saw them on television. They made quite an impression!

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