Post-lockdown wardrobe thoughts

We’ve been in a state of lockdown for what feels like an age, but gradually now the rules are easing up and more movement and meeting up is possible. As the UK begins to open up, to mean that more and more things are open and small gatherings allowed, what are your thoughts on the post-lockdown wardrobe?

Are you tired of being in leggings and loungewear constantly? Was it a good idea at the time but now you need to move on? Perhaps you feel that as good as it was in these outfits for so long, that perhaps you can have too much of a good thing?

If that’s you, you might be looking to smarten things up a bit. Perhaps that involves just getting your jeans and nice tops out again, or even some casual dresses.

Maybe you’ve decided to want to try and move your body more. Make things as easy as possible for yourself and get dressed in gym wear, assuming you are still working from home of course. I find this helps a huge amount because I am then ready to exercise whenever I can find a window of time.

If you can’t decide, here are a few thoughts.

Smarten things up but keep it casual?

Maybe you are keen to get out of the loungewear, but not quite ready to switch up your entire wardrobe to smart things all the time. Perhaps you’ve got so comfy in flats you just can’t face heels at the moment? If this is you, maybe just pop on some jeans and casual tops with pumps ?

What would be your favourite casual outfit if you could choose? As the weather starts to warm up you could switch things up and go for some casual dresses. That’s the kind of thing that I enjoy wearing, especially in the spring and summer months.

When the weather is cooler (we had snow this week) knitted dresses or outfits with some stretch in are things I enjoy wearing. I love this stone cable knit skirt and jumper set, it is really comfy and cosy but feels smart at the same time. Perfect with boots and tights.

Stick with the loungewear?

Maybe you are still going to be working from home and fancy sticking with the loungewear. If that’s the case, there are still some lovely options out there for the warmer weather.

You might be thinking that the loungewear you wore all winter is just a bit too thick, if that’s the case, try something like this grey two piece from Femme Luxe.

This grey ribbed loungewear set is warm enough to be comfy and cosy but thin enough not to over heat in the warmer weather.

Go active?

Active wear has been my go to for some time now, even pre-Covid and any lockdown this was what I was wearing most days. I find it s much easier to get dressed in active wear in the morning, do the school run and fit in exercise throughout the day.

This, for me is a really good way of maximising my time and it really helps the juggle. Have you tried this approach?

I tend to throw on something easy over the top of activewear, like a hoodie or some sort of zip up casual jacket. These zip up hoodies are ideal as they are warm and cosy and they come with loungewear joggers which you can then wear them with to relax. These come in a range of colours, but having something fairly neutral really helps.

Go all out?

Perhaps you are totally fed up of not being able to dress up to go anywhere much for over a year now? If this is you, are you planning to go all out and get a bit fancy when everything opens up?

I’ve not hugely missed dressing up as I never did it that often anyway, but I have missed wearing the occasional nice dress and going out for a few cocktails with the girls. It was only a twice, maybe three times a year thing anyway for us, but still, we’ve missed that time with each other and occasionally getting dressed up.

How about you? Whatever you decide, there is tons of inspiration over at Femme Luxe.

This is a collaborative article.

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