Top 5 ways to celebrate the birth of your child

Congratulations. You are about to have a baby, or the little one has already arrived. You are likely to feel overwhelmed with lots of different emotions, and you worry that you will forget to look closely at this special time.  It is reasonable, therefore, to want to find a way to celebrate the birth of your child. 

There are lots of ways to mark this moment.  Some will require planning, others just a moment in time.  Whichever of these top five ways to mark your special moment, you will always have your memories of this time.

Take time to sit in quiet

You may be tempted to throw a party.  You want to gather all your friends and family in your home to show off what you have done.  You may think a little differently in the first few days after the birth.  Sure, there is a lot to be said for throwing an informal shower to wet the baby’s head.

However, what you will really crave is a moment to welcome the new life into your family and get to know them a little better.  During the last moments of your pregnancy decide the timing for this getting to know your quiet time.  Tell people and put a fence around this time.  Then, sit in a chair or on your bed with the door closed.  If you can, put the skin of the baby against your skin and feel the connection. 

You do not need to spend lots of money to store a memory in your mind.  You sometimes just need to create time.

Buy some special jewellery

If you want to capture something unique about your new individual, then there is nothing more perfect than baby fingerprint jewellery.  It is possible to buy pendants, lockets, charms, and more with the image of the fingerprint laser engraved into the metal. You can purchase silver or gold jewellery that can be held as a family heirloom into the future. 

There is something special about those swirly lines.  If you get yourself a necklace, you can hold this little bit or personal close to your heart.

I wear mine everyday – four little finger prints around my neck to remind me of how small my babies once were.

Hire a photographer

Babies change so quickly in the first few weeks. You can wait for a photo shoot until they are a few weeks old, but you will already have missed so much. Photographing a new-born is not an easy task. They can be a little battered by birth and are mainly inanimate. Therefore, you need to search for a photographer that specialises in new-born babies. The use of props, lighting and a significant chunk of patience, and they will capture moments you will want to have blown up beyond life-size.

A professional photographer can easily be blown up onto a canvas or held as a small print in your wallet.  Whatever you choose, make sure you make it more than a digital image stored on a device.

Set down some roots

A unique way to celebrate the birth of a child is planting a tree. A tree is a beautiful symbol of stability and security and hope for the future. 

The tree will grow as your child grows. There could be a moment in the future when your child, now an adult, stands beside you next to your tree. 

What makes a tree such a special gesture is that it will make one small step towards healing the environment.  As you have just created a new generation, the future will become precious to you, as it is the life of the child you have created. Consequently, although only a small statement, it is still a marker of your commitment to this new life.

Create an imprint of the hands and feet

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

The sheer amazement at how small this life is will be your overwhelming thought. The little hands and feet will seem so precious to you – and so fragile. It is possible to create castings of the little digits to hold forever as a memory of this little life you created. 

There is no need to spend a lot of money to celebrate your new baby.  A kit to make the baby castings are cheap and you can create these yourself.  You could then have them framed and mounted – maybe hung alongside your new-born baby photographs.

You won’t forget the event of your child’s birth.  However, what will become hazy is the memory of how small and vulnerable this new life was. With this in mind, baby castings are a perfect way to celebrate a new life.

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