3 Benefits of Writing Anonymously or Taking a Pen Name

Have you ever been tempted to publish a story anonymously or take a pseudonym? If yes, then you are not alone. There are so many writers these days who choose this option.

There is a subtle difference between writing anonymously and taking a pen name. With a pen name, you will have a group of readers who will be able to relate to your work. 

On the other hand, an anonymous piece of work means that the reader has no idea about who the writer is and can’t relate to him or her other than what is offered within the text that they are reading. Now, you might be wondering, why would someone who has a story to tell, hide themselves from the world? Here are a few reasons.

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Write About Personal Issues Easily 

If you have been tempted to write something you have to face at your workplace or a personal issue that you face daily, you may fall foul of your colleagues or friends. Writing anonymously makes sure that your identity remains a secret, and you can get stuff out of your system without compromising your relationship with others. There are a lot of discourse platforms like Doe, which help people share their stories. These platforms are made to protect the identity of the writers, meanwhile helping them talk about stuff that matters. 

Help Other People with Your Stories

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I have seen a lot of people who are afraid to share their stories just because they think that they will face a lot of negative consequences in return. You would not believe the amount of secrets people keep to themselves and how many lives can be made better if these secrets or stories are shared with other people. From workplace harassment incidents to personal confessions, when you write about something that matters to you, other people can learn from your experiences. 

Freedom to Explore Different Genres

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If you are an acclaimed writer in a certain genre, you might not want to experiment by writing about a different genre. However, if you opt for a pen name, you can branch out to other styles of writing without jeopardising their current reputation. There have been a lot of famous writers who have taken this course over the past, and you can do the same if you want to explore your skills. 

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