Top Five Must-Have Maternity Wardrobe Basics

Learning that you are pregnant is the most exciting time in any woman’s life. The anticipation of meeting your new bundle of joy is almost too much to contain. During the course of your pregnancy, your body will be changing and growing, which means you’re going to need to update your wardrobe and invest in maternity clothing.

Here’s a look at the top five must-have maternity wardrobe basics that you’ll want to be sure you pick up.

Maternity Undergarments

One of the first things you’re going to want to invest in is undergarments. This includes your underwear, bras, tights, and slips. Where it used to be that these maternity undergarments were rather dull looking and not exactly sexy, times have now changed. For example, today you can find a wide variety of tights for pregnant women from retailers like APM Fashion that are not only comfortable but very stylish.

Pregnancy tights will give your legs that smooth, sleek look while providing comfort, support, and a little warmth.

The same goes for underwear and bras, which are now available in various colours, prints, patterns, and cuts. Just be sure to look for items that offer plenty of support, as this will help to keep you comfortable as you grow. The choice now is loads better than when I was expecting my first baby.


A Few Neutral Coloured Camisoles

Camisoles or vest tops are an excellent piece for layering. They work well under cardigans, sweaters, dresses, and blouses. The maternity version of the camisole tends to offer a lot of give, yet is very supportive at the same time. This will add comfort and coverage. Opt for white, black, tan, and navy since they will go with the most colours.

These camisoles are meant to stretch as you grow, but with that said it may be a good idea to buy them so you’ve got a little extra room in the beginning. This will ensure you’ll be able to wear it for the duration of your pregnancy.

Maternity Jeans

There is no reason to go all out and buy multiple pairs of jeans. When it comes to maternity wear, you can usually just get by with a few staples that you can mix and match. Picking up a good quality pair of maternity jeans complete with a stretchy belly band will keep you looking and feeling great.

Maternity jeans come in all cuts and colours and you can find everything from a full panel to a small roll down panel in the jeans. They also tend to have a bit of stretch in the denim themselves. You’ll find these to be comfortable even after you give birth, while you are still working to get back to your regular size and shape, which for many of us can take a while!

The Maxi Dress

When it comes to being comfortable, a maxi dress offers the optimum amount of comfort. Nothing will be sitting around your waist adding pressure, you can expand with ease, and you’ll look incredibly fashionable. If you pick up a basic short-sleeved black maxi dress you’ll be able to wear it in any season. You can dress it up or down, and it can even be work appropriate.

Maternity Leggings

An expectant mum’s most favourite item is leggings, which are usually top of the list. Again, you have the ability to dress them up or down, pair any type of tunic, sweater, or even short dress with them, and they can be worn in all seasons. Look for a pair that offers ample stretch yet is still thick and supportive.

All of these items will help you to build the ultimate maternity wardrobe that keeps you looking cute and trendy while feeling comfortable.

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