Did you have a name for your baby bump?

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Did you have a nickname for your bump when you were pregnant? A poll of 1,500 mums and dads revealed nine in 10 used an alternative name for their baby while pregnant, with ‘Button’, ‘Sprout’ and ‘Pebble’ also popular monikers.

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How a gentle exercise regimen helps you get rid of that postpartum belly

can't sleep?

The thought of performing hundreds of crunches to get rid of the post-baby pouch is really irritating, but apparently you don’t actually need them to get back pre-partum, flat belly. Crunches are actually thought to be ineffective to tone the abs as they only work on outer abdominal muscles without strengthening the underlying muscles first […]

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A healthy pregnancy: staying well

Your Pregnancy Guide How to Avoid Incontinence During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can expose you to a whole new range of health woes and worries. It can be a total minefield at times and you might have lots of questions. One of the other things about being pregnant is that EVERYONE, and I mean everyone from your relatives, to friends, to total strangers will have “advice” […]

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