Treats for mums

Life as a mum can be very busy and hectic. If you are anything like me, you’ll find it hard to stop for a break and indulge in some TLC. No matter how busy life gets, though, it’s always important to get some me-time and treat yourself every once in a while. Here are five awesome ways you can treat yourself, or perhaps someone else will?


Even if you are on a diet, take a day off and treat yourself to something sweet. The best thing about indulging in chocolates is you can still enjoy your goodies while looking after the children. So no need to organise childcare!

Fresh Flowers

Not only will a fresh bouquet of flowers brighten up your home, but it will brighten up your mood as well. Next time you are out, pop into your local Florists and see the kinds of flowers they have. There are many different flowers to suit various budgets. Pansies are great for those wanting to save money, but if you want to splash the cash, you could opt for something fancy like a bunch of roses. I’m not a fan of roses myself but I love tulips and lillies. However, the boys all have a thing about picking bunches of daisies for me at the park and there is something extra special about that.


Date Night

Spend some time with your partner away from the children, even if it is just when they are all asleep. If you can get a babysitter then this is a great excuse for you to get dolled up and visit your favourite restaurant. If you’d prefer something more casual, see which Hollywood releases are on at your local cinema.

A Spa Weekend

You can always swap your partner for your best friends and head to a spa. If you want to pull out all the stops, take a bottle of bubbly along! You can, of course, take your partner if you wish and turn it into a romantic weekend away. Most spas offer intimate couple’s massages.

Dine In

If you want to save some pennies, you can keep it simple and relax with a night in. You and your partner can then either cook your favourite meal or indulge in a takeaway. Rent out your favourite movie, turn down the lights low and have a cosy evening snuggled up on the sofa. 


So take some time just for yourself. You’ll feel relaxed and chilled out, ready to take on the world again!


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