Trick OR Treat: Etiquette Guide

Halloween will soon be here and the streets will be crawling with Trick or Treaters. As a child I only remember going once, with some neighbours one year. Our children have been a couple of times and loved it, but as where we live now is not really practical for walking around in the dark, due to a busy road, we tend to have a little Halloween party instead.

The concept of Trick or Treat tends to have a clear divide. People either love it and embrace it for what it is, or loathe it, lock the doors and switch off the lights. Personally I can totally appreciate both sides, which is why I have decided to share this useful “Trick or Treat: Etiquette Guide” for anyone who is a little unsure.

trick or treat

Infographic produced by Bright Horizons nursery in Highbury.

If you do decide to take the children out this Halloween, remember these tips, stay safe and keep everyone happy. We spend a lot of time as parents telling our children not to talk to strangers, or accept things from strangers so it is a slightly bizarre idea. It’s better if you can stick to homes where you know the people.

Anyone who has read The Witches by Roald Dahl will know what happens if you take treats from ladies with blue spit, and eyes that change colour, who wear gloves!

Stay safe and enjoy Halloween!


  1. fab!! we cam across a house with big metal gates and fab spooky decorations and were too scared to go in haha a few houses put pumpkins outside if they dont mind a visit 🙂

  2. I remember the front door of my parents home & their car getting covered in silly string one year as they hadn’t opened the door to Trick or Treaters, I agree especially that people need to respect that not everyone likes to celebrate.

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