TV beds – are they worth it?

I remember the first time I got a TV in my bedroom, I was 16 and it was a birthday present from my parents. I was so excited, it was one of those small, black, square colour televisions. Back in the days when everyone had just got excited about having a fifth channel. Now I feel really old!

My dad mounted it on a bracket in the corner of my bedroom and it was the best thing ever (at the time). He even did something clever with the cables so I could watch a VHS movie up there that was playing on the video player downstairs…now we’re talking right?

TV beds

Fast-forward, lets say a good few years, and tons of people have TVs in the bedroom. Many households have multiple televisions and none of them look remotely like the one I had in my bedroom at 16.

A few years ago when looking at different bed types, we changed our bed for the biggest super king we could find, (to accommodate the whole family when they descend on us at various points during the night) we also needed a new television. We’d never thought about a TV bed but actually found the bed we liked and were then told it had a TV in the end of it!

TV beds

So was it worth it?

The worst thing about the TV bed has been when we moved house. The removal firm snapped a cable and found the whole thing problematic to take down, transport and then put back together. It was all fixed in the end but it was one of the most awkward parts of the house move, so if you are thinking about a TV bed, only get one if you are planning on staying put for a while.

They can be pricey but it depends how you view it really. For us it was well worth it. With a memory foam mattress on it’s been the best bed I’ve ever slept in hands down, and that includes hotel beds.

One of the best things about a TV bed is it means you can have the luxury of a television in your bedroom, without your bedroom looking like a lounge.  It’s tidy, hidden away when it’s not being watched and it’s one less thing to get covered in little hand prints! It is like a toned down version of a gaming bed and yes, gaming beds are actually a thing now too!

Ours came with a DVD player which sits in an opening under the bed. The space is large enough to store a number of DVDs, again without them being on show. The only downside I find with this is that this area gets very dusty, very quickly and is tricky to keep clean.

TV beds

Honestly, we’ve been thrilled with our TV bed and we wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one. The TV is operated by pressing a button on the side of the bed. For years we convinced the children you had to do a magic spell to get it to pop up! Until they found the button that was.

If you are considering investing in a TV bed, check out Bed Kingdom. They have a great TV bed range with loads of styles to choose from. They have fabric beds and a number of faux leather beds as well, in different colours and sizes, to suit all bedrooms and tastes. They even have a frame with under bed storage, which is an added bonus and another way of de-cluttering your bedroom. You can check and download tv user manuals directly in case you missed your original copy.

If you like the idea of movie nights in bed, or catching up on your favourite box set but don’t want screens to spoil the look of your room, have a think about a TV bed – you’ll never go back!

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  1. Thanks for this article. I’ve been looking for a new bed and saw the TV beds, I like the idea of decluttering. Still on thr fence but swaying slightly more towards now.

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