Using a soother effectively

How many of you use a soother or dummy with your little ones?I have to say I am not a huge fan of them, especially when I see much older children with them and children who are trying to talk with them in their mouths.However, as a mum of four I totally appreciate that it is really about what works best for you and your baby and these do have a place when used effectively. I have tried all my children with them, mainly as a way of trying to get them to soothe themselves a bit more rather than breastfeed to sleep. However, none of them liked them and all promptly spat them out. They eventually learnt to go to sleep on their own and this just varied in terms of how long this took.Our newest little man is no exception and just as his siblings did spat the dummy out with a large plop.He is such a happy boy that I never tried again as there really has been no need. He goes to sleep on his own very well once his tummy is full.However, our challenge with him has been in the car….he hates being in the car!! This is a new thing for us as a family as all the other children have always traveled so well and still do. Even all the way across France over a couple of days! As babies they all fell straight to sleep as soon as I pulled off the drive!This little man is however different and loathes the car and car seat with a passion. It is the only time he ever cries!My partner suggested recently that we try him again with a soother just to see if this could make car journeys easier….and you know what it totally works so well done Daddy!He sucks happily away on it, sometimes dosing off but most of the time just looking around. He hasn’t had it any other time as he is such a happy baby but it certainly makes car journeys easier.These are the ones we have been using, they are made by MAM and seem a good shape, I picked them up from Amazon.


  1. In the beginning we used only MAM. But they don't have latex ones. So my friend got them for me in Germany. Now my friend is buying me German latex soothers.

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