We’re going on an adventure

All four children are very adventurous. They love exploring outside, climbing and discovering new treasures.

One of their favourite areas to explore is the forest and we are lucky to have a few nearby.

Having said that, there is lots to be uncovered in the back garden and if you go out with a torch when it is dark, there are even more adventures to be had.

We have come across a fabulous  book recently called “The Night-time Adventure Notebook“.

IMG_20150916_023752_resizedWhen the sun goes down, it’s time get out there with these outdoor challenges. Grab a torch and a grown-up and try stargazing, bat-watching and hunting for glow worms. Discover how to tell the time with the moon and send secret messages with Morse Code. Make snowball lanterns and tell stories round a campfire. Write up your adventures in this notebook. This is so much fun.


Can you complete all 50? This is a whole year’s worth of outdoor adventures! At £8.99 this is a super price for so many inspiring activities. The title suggests these should be completed before you hit 12 years old.

There are so many fun tasks to get involved with – if you can get the children up early enough, why not watch the sunrise together? Or perhaps sleep under the stars together?

Do your children enjoy outdoor adventures?

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