What Kind of Chandeliers Should I Buy? An Ultimate Guide

A chandelier is a sure way to add a luxurious and playful visual experience to a room but selecting one is no joke. The wrong type of chandelier can break your interior design and dash any fond hopes of achieving modern elegance. If you want to avoid disappointment, keep the following tips in mind.


To look and function it’s best, your chandelier needs to be the proper width and height. To figure out the proper width for your chandelier, measure the length and width of your room. The width of the room plus the length in feet equals the most appropriate chandelier width in inches.

For a small room, consider chandeliers that are between 13 and 22 inches wide. On the other hand, chandeliers between 23 and 30 inches wide make sense in medium-sized rooms. And if you have a large room, look for a chandelier that is at least 31 inches wide.

When it comes to picking chandelier height, measure the height of your room and multiply the measurement by three. The product in feet equals the suggested height of your chandelier in inches.

Remember to keep the chandelier size in scale and proportion to room furnishings. For example, if you are installing a chandelier over a table, use ½ to ¾ of the table’s width unless you have a very small or very large table. 

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For living rooms, consider the size of the seating area or coffee table. For a smaller seating area, the chandelier diameter should take ½  to ⅔ of the width while in large seating areas the diameter should be ⅔  to ¾ of the width.

Style and Materials

Chandeliers come in various styles such as crystal, rustic, modern, sputnik and materials such as metal, glass, and wood. If you have a cabin or want to create farmhouse vibes, select a rustic chandelier. These are typically made of natural materials and exude warm tones.

Modern chandeliers with clean lines, sleek surfaces and minimal ornamentation make the most sense in contemporary living spaces.  They add a touch of sophistication without overwhelming other elements.

If you are aiming for timeless elegance, select a crystal chandelier. These types of chandeliers are the best for hanging in entryways, spiralling staircases or those formal dining rooms.

On the other hand, Sputnik is mid-century modern style with bulbs attached on the ends of metal rods that stick out in all directions in a very artsy and very airy style without requiring too much headspace. These chandeliers pay homage to the soviet satellite of the same name and come in angular, starburst, structural, eccentric and abstract styles and complement sleek and modern furniture nicely.

Consider the visual weight of existing furniture pieces. The chandelier shouldn’t overpower key elements like sofas, armchairs, or bookcases. For example, if you have a statement sofa, go with a simpler chandelier, on the other hand, a minimalist space can handle a bolder design. The chandelier lines and shapes should also complement the existing furniture style, not clash with it.

Function and Lighting Needs

Different chandeliers are suitable for different spaces depending on the lighting needs. For example, if you want to hang a chandelier in a workspace, then consider the ones designed to provide focused illumination instead of going for an overly decorative design. These are typically chandeliers with adjustable arms or multiple bulbs for targeted lighting.

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On the other hand, if you want a decorative piece, prioritise design over lighting. That means going for chandeliers with interesting materials and finishes to enhance the design of your space or serve as a statement piece.

If you want to hang in a living room or bedroom, prioritise chandeliers designed to warm, inviting glow and help set the overall mood and atmosphere of the room.

Consider dimmable chandelier options for added versatility. Most chandeliers can be used with dimmers. For example, if you are buying an LED or get compatible dimmers and bulbs. A dimmer lets you easily change light level from bright to soft depending on your needs. 

Chandelier Hanging Height

There is no standard recommendation for the hanging height of chandeliers, it all depends on where you want to place yours. If you are hanging it above a dining room table or kitchen island, make sure the bottom hangs 32-34 inches above the table top.

On the other hand, for chandeliers that hang over open floors, ensure the bottom is at least 7 feet above the floor. If you are hanging in an open foyer, place it at eye level or just a little lower when viewed from the 2nd floor.

Lassola chandeliers usually come with wires or chains with lengths that work for most homes and can be customised to your ceiling height. Visit our products page to find the perfect chandelier for your space.

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