Canvas Prints for your home

canvas prints for the home

Do you have canvas prints? I much prefer them to framed photos, and most of our family pictures are displayed on canvas, rather than in glass frames. Most of our prints however are in glass frames though, I’ve never particularly considered using canvas for other things.

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Family-friendly furniture

family-friendly furniture

When I’m considering furniture, the primary decision is always how family-friendly it is. Our children are little whirlwinds, so anything that doesn’t seem child-friendly doesn’t get a look in normally. Considerations There is so much to think about when deciding if a piece of furniture is family-friendly. Does it have sharp corners? Is it the […]

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Fast ways to refresh a room

home decor inspiration

We all want our home to be a pleasant place to live. Unfortunately keeping our house looking good takes both time and money. Both of which a lot of us are short of. We all lead busy lives and many of us sometimes find it hard to make ends meet. Fortunately, there are a lot […]

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Home interior decorating for families

playroom ideas

Bringing up a family is one of the most fulfilling journeys in life, but it certainly isn’t an easy ride. It always seems like there’s something to worry about, whether it’s making sure that they’re happy, learning constantly or avoiding the inevitable bumps and bruises. Every parent will manage these challenges differently, but one thing […]

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Dining room ideas for families

When you have children, designing a dining room that works for the entire family can be a little challenging. After all, children can be messy, but you still want to have a sophisticated and inviting dining room that you can use to host all of your guests. Keep reading for a few dining room design […]

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