Switch It Up – 5 Stylish Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Home

One element that sometimes gets overlooked when you are designing your home is lighting. It can turn a dark room into a cosy living space, or add another feature to an existing room. Finding the right lighting to complement your décor isn’t always easy. Here are some ideas to switch it up – 5 stylish lighting ideas to brighten your home.

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1 Choose Vibrant Colour and Patterns

A popular design feature at the moment is to experiment with bold colours and vibrant patterns. Adding some colourful lamp shades to pendant ceiling lights by Pagazzi will create a different look to the simple cold lines.

Along with this concept is changing up the walls and accessories to compliment the colour and design. It is a good time to let your imagination take control and see what happens.

2 Go Art Deco With Orbs

The twenties are making a design comeback with art deco becoming a popular addition to homes.

Orbs were big in the twenties and orb lighting is just the thing you need in a modern home. Together with gold-framed shades and a wire pendant fixture hanging from the ceiling, you can create a whole new look.

You should also look for complementary colour schemes and furniture that will work well with these wonderful lights.

3 Rustic Industrial Lighting

Retro Edison light bulbs have been popular for a while now. The perfect mix of old-school looks with modern LED technology.

Another growing trend is industrial lighting such as bulkhead lamps and pipework. Although this may not be to everyone’s taste, there is a lot you can do with a design such as this.

The lighting can be used with a variety of designs and colours so you shouldn’t be too stretched for ideas. If you have any doubts about your own installation capabilities, call in a London electrician to do the hard work for you. 

4 The 1990s is Back

There has been a 90s revival lately with home design and it has now spread to lighting. Marble bases and pleated shades are like something out of an old catalogue, but they are now becoming increasingly popular along with many other 90s design features.

This is a theme that you can design into one room such as the living room, or have a 90s theme running through the whole house.

5 Neon Lights Are Cool Again

Photo by Nothing Ahead from Pexels

Along with the 90s, there is also an 80s revival going on as well. This means neon lighting is back in people’s homes.

To make a bigger impact, experiment with different typefaces until you get one that suits your home and décor.

If the bright fluorescent colours don’t appeal to you, then you can opt for a white light which will still have the style but add a modern touch as well. Neon lights can be placed anywhere, but are popular in bedrooms and hallways.

Final Thoughts

There are many styles making a comeback right now which makes it easy to find the right look for your home. You can even choose to mix and match each room to one distinctive style. It will certainly give your friends something to be amazed by when they come for coffee.

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