Win a top-to-toe kit for your baby

Johnson’s Top-to-Toe range, is specially formulated for babies aged 0 to 6 months, and is as safe to use as water alone, from the very first day.

The range gently cleanses and protects baby’s first line of defence – their skin, which is increasingly important at this time of year, when the combination of cold winds and dribble can leave their little faces looking and feeling a little dry and sensitive – you know that red raw, snotty-faced look don’t you?


We love the top-to-toe body washcloths in particular – these are especially good when travelling and really effective, yet at the same time so gentle. How do your bath times go down? Are you using any of these products already?

Top 5 Bath-time tips from JOHNSON’S® Healthcare Professional Relationship Consultant, Rebecca Bennett:

  1. Warm a towel before wrapping up baby after a soothing bath. Just make sure the towel isn’t too hot.
  2. Your baby’s vulnerable skin doesn’t like hot water. 37C is perfect, use the inside of your wrist to feel water like baby’s skin does.
  3. Yellow is the colour of energy, sunshine, and it stimulates intellect. So fill baby’s bath with smart yellow toys. Also, keep your baby’s bath toys, you can use them to coax your little one into swimming lessons later.
  4. If your baby is a little nervous at bathtime, talk them through it. Your voice will soothe them – and help them feel safe.
  5. Your baby’s skin is delicate, so pat them dry gently with a towel after a bath.

What about after bath time? What is your routine? Have you thought of baby massage?

Five Benefits of Baby Massage from Family Psychologist, Dr. Angharad Rudkin

  1. Massage is a good way of bonding with your baby.
  2. Massage has been shown to help baby’s social and cognitive development.
  3. Big sister or brother can help you to massage your baby – it makes them feel like they can help you care for baby.
  4. Baby massage is a great activity for dads to get involved, and helps them feel closer to their baby and more confident in looking after them.
  5. Massage can be an important part of a bedtime routine, which helps give babies the cue that it is time to snuggle up and sleep.

Now the exciting part – your chance to win a top-to-toe bundle.

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Win a top-to-toe Johnson’s wash set for your baby

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  1. Yes, we love the body wash so good for sensitive skin and also helps our dog who suffers from sensitive skin also.

  2. Yes I used them for my first child and really liked them! Expecting my second next year so will be using again. 🙂

  3. Hi
    I’ve used the top to toe wash on both my babies and toddlers. I like the one with the squeezey top and that its a body wash and shampoo.

  4. Not as yet. Have used Johnson’s products years ago when babies in the family. Friend has new baby, prize would be a lovely gift.

  5. I use this brand for myself as i am unable to use normal soaps and body washes due to bad eczema

  6. I always use the all in one body wash and always have done for my daughter as she has very sensitive skin

  7. Used top to toe before but only on my youngest. You can never go wrong with Johnson Products for babies.

  8. I haven’t tried these products before, but have used other Johnson’s products on my baby. I’d like to give these a go!

  9. No i have never bought them but my friend is having a baby and i shall add some to the gift box i am making up for her

  10. I haven’t used the top to toe as my oldest is nearly 7 but did use johnsons products for him, am pregnant with my second child and would like to try

  11. Yes the baby bath….however our son is now 6 but we still use it on him as he has sensitive skin!

  12. I love the Johnson’s Top to Toe range, they are one of the only products I trust for my little one.

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