Why it’s important to create joyful Christmas memories for our children

Have you noticed how some adults seem to be very pessimistic much of the time, and others can be the total opposite and seemingly that happy with their lives? Who you become as an adult and the attitude you have towards life is a result of so many factors: your upbringing; past experiences; your education; your overall personality type and so on. However, your happiness is deeply linked to your younger years and specific to the happy times of your childhood. Incidentally, as it is the festive season, there is no better way to use the Christmas time than building the base of your child’s future happiness. Here’s a little guide of how much a merry Christmas can change a child’s life.


Emotional Health In Childhood Prepares The Way To Happy Grown-Up

The studies are unanimous: money, success and school grades are less important than emotional well-being to help adults achieve, if not happiness, at least satisfaction in life. Yet, you may wonder what makes emotional health. The answer is simple, and it’s that famous Beatles’ song: All you need is love. As a parent, you can’t build a perfect world for your child, and this is a truth that you need to accept. The world can be dangerous, it can be sad, it can be disappointing. There is no gain in hiding all of this from your children, but what you can do is envelope them in a blanket of love that never leaves them. Is the key to happiness so simple? Not exactly, but this is the key to life-satisfaction: A loving childhood and a healthy sense of proportion, and this is also the lesson that traditional tales deliver about Christmas: It’s not about what you get, but about who you are with and how much you love them.


The Christmas Spirit: A Season Of Positive Emotions

As Christmas is naturally a happy period of the year, you could enhance the sense of warm happiness that envelops the festive season and build your children a true merry Christmas that will teach them about love and how to care for each other. Cute Christmas decs can reinforce the sense of a happy family heart with bright colours and playful shapes. Don’t hesitate to play your old records of Christmas carols too, as these are songs that are charged with positive emotions, whether you choose to see the religious involvement or not. Hot chocolate, marshmallows, roaring fires, playing games together – all lovely memories.

Let Them Experience The Excitement Of Christmas

Christmas tree

There are many parents who tell their young children that Santa doesn’t exist, but that instead it’s mummy and daddy who buy all the presents. While there is no right nor wrong, encouraging your child to believe in Father Christmas for as long as possible can make for many happy childhood memories. You can encourage your child to write a letter to Santa, as this is another way of developing a sense of being cared for and listened to. Additionally, why not show them the Portable North Pole where you can watch video messages from Santa together or even receive a special phone call?

Remember that a happy child is likely to become a happy adult.


  1. My kids love the run up to Christmas too and get so excited. My son was amazed when he had a personalised video message from Santa 🙂

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