Common emotions in motherhood


Motherhood is a beautiful thing. Being a mother, you are constantly filled with mixed emotions. Feelings before becoming a mummy and those afterwards are totally different. Whilst motherhood gives you a tremendous feeling of joy and happiness, there will be many challenging moments along the way too. For most people, most of the time, the […]

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Do you donate blood?

blood donation

Are you already a blood donor? If not have you been considering it? I began donating blood about five years ago. It was way too late on my part really and I’m cross with myself that I didn’t donate before that. I never really remember hearing that much about blood donation prior to that and […]

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The perfect selfie

Do you love a good selfie? I am not great at them to be honest so never take very many but my daughter likes to do them of the two of us – she’s much better at it – I always end up chopping something important off or looking in the wrong place. With an […]

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