Workplace cohesion or workplace mayhem? What’s your experience

It’s a while since I worked in a team of people, having been self employed for 10 years now. The teams I worked as part of in the past, were largely jobs where we were all out and about quite a lot.

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Whether we were travelling about for meetings, out seeing clients, working from home, delivering training, out doing field research and so on, there was a lot of movement and back then it wasn’t that easy to stay connected on things.

It didn’t seem to matter how efficient we tried to be, or how many meetings we had, we often just weren’t that well connected because we were all over the place.

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Sometimes that meant multiple team members turning up at meetings where we only needed one, sometimes it meant we weren’t all up to date on things and sometimes it meant missed leaving lunches or several new baby gifts for colleagues.

These days, with advancements in technology, things like this shouldn’t happen. Smartphones have made life much more simple in lots of ways – although, do you ever think it means that people expect you to be much more responsive…like, instantly? These days if you don’t respond to an email in a few minutes, you can have someone chasing you.

I used to have a colleague who would email me, then instantly phone me to tell me he had emailed me! Any of you know anyone like that?

Have you heard of Blink? Blink is the internal communications app, with a mission is to improve the lives of front-line workers through technology and empower them by giving them a voice in the fast-paced, often manic workplace.

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This app means you can communicate with all of your colleagues quickly and efficiently and that everyone can be kept in the loop on whatever discussions are in progress. No more doubling up or staff not being up to date – everyone will be on the same page!

It inspires better communication within teams, which has to be a positive thing right? Have you ever used anything like this in the workplace?

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