Worried About Weight Gain This Holiday? Here Are 5 Supplements You Can Take to Avoid It

No matter how healthy you are during the year, there is a mindset shift when Christmas is around the corner which can make us worried about weight gain. Sweet treats and alcoholic drinks become a regular part of your everyday life in the build-up to the ultimate, annual, food and drink binge, and all under the guise of ‘festive celebration’.

The occasional big meal, a mince pies every now and again and a glass of prosecco on the weekend may not affect your waistline too drastically, but come December 1st, it’s officially Christmas Season. With this comes the second (and third) helpings of chocolate and wine, festive parties and celebratory nights out and in no time, you’re sure to find that waistband feeling a little tighter than it did in November.

festive treats

Alongside the endless opportunities to eat and drink more in the holidays comes the stress and anxiety of the festive season.  With massive outgoings on the horizon, feeding the whole family on the big day and entertaining family, extended fmaily, or friends for a week, all in all, it can easily lead to comfort eating and drinking.

So whether you wish to drop a dress size or two in time for the big day or you are ready to start a tough weight-loss regime over the coming months, then here are 5 supplements you can take to avoid holiday weight gain and help you rediscover your best body.


Orlistat helps your body to process fat and, as such, it assists you in keeping your weight down, mainly when used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. By literally reducing the fat absorbed from food, it can create positive results for with obesity, a BMI of over 28 or those living with weight-related health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


The results of a study of Orlistat showed that there is a higher reduction in the waist circumference when using this medication than using diet and exercise alone and helped participants in achieving up to 10% weight loss.  If you more information on Orlistat or advice on how to take it, contact the experts at Click Pharmacy today.


Saxenda is a daily injection which works to regulate blood sugars after food is ingested. It also decreases glucagon production to slow down the emptying of the stomach thus reducing hunger and making you feel fuller for longer. A trial of this medication demonstrated an 8% loss of body weight after 56 weeks when used alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime.


Alli contains the active ingredient Orlistat and can be taken without prescription by anyone struggling with obesity, weight gain or with a BMI of 25 or above.  People who have used Alli say that they have lost, on average, an additional 5% of their body weight compared to those who focussed only on changing their diet and taking more exercise.

keep weight off at Christmas

This is because instead of fat being broken down and stored within the body for energy, Alli actively decreases the amount of fat your body absorbs by 25% and passes it straight through your system via your bowel movements. This results in less fat in and on your body overall. For guidance and advice on how to take this prescription free weight loss medication, simply call the expert team at Click Pharmacy.


Mysimba is a combination of two medicines, naltrexone and bupropion, in one tablet which when put together, assist the brain in regulating the desire for food and can even change how you feel about food by working in the brain’s reward pathways. In one study, 42% of the people trying Mysimba lost at least 5% of their body weight compared to 17% who were not taking it.


Xenical uses the lipase inhibitor Orlistat which stops the fat from food being absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract. This lower absorption of fat makes it far easier to lose weight as you do not need to partake in a crash diet to remove this massive percentage of fat from your body – the medication does it for you.

It prevents the stomach and intestine from absorbing up to 30% of the fat in your food, so it is especially beneficial when used alongside a healthy, low-fat diet and regular exercise.  A trial of Xenical demonstrated an average loss of 10% of the original body weight of the participants after a year on this medication with one in four losing over 10% over four years of use.  For help and support in successfully using Xenical, contact the team at Click Pharmacy anytime via phone or email.

keep weight off at Christmas

So, whether your weight gain is strictly around the holidays or you find that it is an ongoing battle, speak to your doctor about supplements or contact the experts at Click Pharmacy for advice and help on weight loss.


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