10 games your kids can play during the summer

As the summer holidays approach and we have warmer weekends in the run up to this, it helps to have some games for children to play.

Here are just a few of the of easy and exciting games that could delight your children this summer and keep them away from the electronics.

1-The water hoops game

Photo by Matthias Cooper from Pexels

Great if you are swimming somewhere, or even just playing in a large paddling pool at home this summer. Drop a few hoops in or sinkers, each child has to pick up the hoops using their feet.

The winning child is the one who picks up the highest number of hoops from the pool. 


Trampolining is a sport that so many children (and parents) enjoy. Lots of people have trampolines in their garden these days, so if that’s you, make the most of it this summer. This activity is full of benefits. While bouncing, their bodies will receive more oxygen. This will lead to an increase in energy levels and make them happier. Moreover, there are so many additional benefits. You can buy one of many trampolines on the market. An amazing choice will be the one with a trampoline sprinkler – great for those really hot days!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

3-The sticky notes challenge

In this challenging game, children will be divided into two teams, so perfect for sibling groups or when they have friends to play with. Each team will choose a player who will be the centre of the game so that the other members will stick the papers over his/her body. The team that sticks the largest number of coloured papers on the player, within one minute, wins. 

4-Parking cars

An entertaining game for children. First in which you build a garage using cardboard sheets, then you get several plastic cars and ask your child to park each car in the right place. Simple and cheap but will entertain them for ages!

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

5-The memory game

Bring a box and put many different things in it. Then let your children look at these things for 30 seconds. Later on, pull close the box, give them a piece of paper, and make them write as many things as they remember. Siblings can play this together and test each other.

6-Play tennis at home

With simple steps, play an entertaining tennis game with your children. Get two paper plates, two sticks, and glue in order to make two rackets. Instead of a ball, use an inflated balloon. Enjoy!

7-Ball shooting game

A fun and entertaining game for children. Make a big hole in a large plastic water bottle and then ask your children to shoot small balls into it. The winning child is the one who gets the most balls inside the bottles. The balls can be made of used paper if you don’t have balls at home.

8-Picking up the caps

In this interesting game, you prepare several caps from bottles and put them in a bowl. Then you tie a piece of string around your child’s head. You attach a magnet to the string and ask him/her to pick up the caps with magnets. The winning child is the one who picks up the most caps.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

9-Solve the maze

A game that your children will love. It develops the children’s intelligence and strengthens their mental skills. You can make it with simple tools such as cardboard paper and straws. Your kids must solve the maze. They will have a lot of fun and if you have more than one child, let them create them for each other.

10-Storytelling game

This game requires at least three people. The first person says a sentence such as (I went to the market), and the other child has to repeat the first sentence and add a complementary sentence to it, and so on. The child, who forgets a sentence during repetition, will exit the game. The child who remains until the end wins. I remember playing this as a child and I used to think the stories we came up with were funny.

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