20 Superpowers parents wish they had – how about you?

Parenting most certainly makes me wish I had superpowers. I mean multiple arms and the ability to never require sleep would be a start right?

More than nine in 10 parents wish they had a superhero power to help with their parenting, with being able to fly, time travel – and the ability to never feel TIRED among the top choices.

A study of 2,000 mums and dads found invisibility – so they can get some peace – and x-ray vision to allow them to see what their kids are up to through walls would also be on the wish list.

Another 24 per cent dream of having healing abilities so they could easily deal with any bumps and bruises their kids pick up – now this would be wonderful!

And more than one in 10 would simply settle for a superpower that made kids keep their bedrooms tidy – how amazing would that be?

Others would like super strength and speed, the ability to stop time and to be able to get ready at the click of their fingers.

Vitabiotics Wellkid vitamins, who commissioned the research to launch its partnership with Marvel, has created a quiz to find out which superhero your child is most like.

The study also found three in 10 parents would pick teleportation as their top superpower of choice – to allow them to zip between work, home and other engagements, you’ve got to admit, this would be pretty handy.

A further 22 per cent would ideally like the power of telepathy, so they could see what was going through their children’s minds.

Having the power to be constantly full of energy, becoming a human lie detector test to spot when youngsters are fibbing and being able to be in two places at once are also on parents’ wish lists.

The research also revealed 66 per cent of parents say their children are ‘superhero fans’, and a quarter have even dressed up as one of the current crop of heroes.

As a result, more than half have used lines such as ‘Thor would eat all his vegetables’ at dinnertime, to make kids eat things they may not like. Guilty!

Three in 10 of those polled, via OnePoll, think superheroes show skills in intelligence or problem solving that are good lessons for youngsters to learn.


1. Invisibility
2. Flying
3. Time travel
4. Teleportation
5. Super strength
6. Super healing abilities
7. Telepathy
8. Super speed
9. Talking to animals
10. Super intelligence
11. Never feeling tired
12. The ability to stop time
13. Immortality
14. Constantly full of energy
15. Being able to breathe underwater
16. Being able to get ready – showered, dressed, clean teeth etc – at the click of a finger
17. Invulnerability (impossible to hurt in any way)
18. Psychic
19. X-Ray vision
20. Become a human lie detector – instantly know when someone isn’t quite telling the truth

What superpower do you wish you had?

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