5 ways to put a ‘spring’ in your step

According to a survey by One Poll, 41% of us find that the long, dark evenings, leave us feeling sluggish. The long winter months can sometimes feel like they are going on forever. We’ve had snow in spring for goodness sake!

It’s not just the weather that does this to us, sometimes everyday life pressures and the lifestyle choices we make can contribute to us feeling tired and sluggish every single day.

The world of work for women has changed significantly over the years. Despite so many changes and shifts in working patterns, arrangements and responsibilities, there remain some very real challenges for women.

Do you have something you rely on to get you through the day? I hear people say they need coffee, tea, coke, red bull – what’s your fuel? Mine is a combination of hot chocolate and green tea (not mixed together). Apparently, almost 30% of adults rely on coffee to get them through the day and a further 10% rely on sugary energy drinks.

It can be so easy to fall into this trap. Parenting can be an exhausting role, then you add on all your other tasks and responsibilities each day and take away the sleep element (because none of us get much of that) – and you just need something…anything to keep you going.

Here are a few other things to try.

Staying hydrated

I am well aware that I don’t drink enough water. I go through phases of being really good and really focusing on drinking more, and then other days when I get to the end of the day and realise I’ve maybe only had one glass of water all day.

The things is, I feel a million times better when I drink loads of water BUT the problem for me is needing the toilet. I end up having to get up maybe twice in the night to go for a wee and when you don’t sleep that much anyway it’s quite disruptive. What’s more, anyone with children will know that going to the loo when out and about with the children on the school run, or at clubs and activities is not straightforward – even if there is a toilet around, you have to take them with you and they open the door, refuse to go in and other general little people stuff. It’s OK for them as I carry a potty in the car!

drink more water

Dehydration can reduce the ability to concentrate and impact cognitive and physical performance. NHS choices recommend we drink at least 1.2 litres of water a day, but I never find that’s enough to make much of a difference to me.

A good way to try and keep on target is to fill a large bottle and set yourself the task of finishing it by the end of the day.

Eating well

Eating the right foods at the right time can really improve the way your feel. If you like nuts, they are a great energy boost. I like homemade flapjack with blueberries and bananas – what keeps you going?

Preparation is the key here, as if you don’t have any healthy snacks to hand, it can be easier to reach for high sugar or high fat alternatives.

healthy flapjack

Sleep well (haha)

How many times since becoming a parent have you been advised to get plenty of sleep – I mean, as if it’s as easy as just getting into bed and closing your eyes.

Clearly it isn’t that straightforward, otherwise we would all be really well-rested all of the time. My problem isn’t getting to sleep, it’s going to sleep late because I’m trying to get things done and then it’s being woken up during the night and early in the morning by the children.

If you do struggle to get to sleep you could try having a hot bath, using essential oils, a pillow spray, limiting screen time before bed and having a warm drink.

Get moving

How do you reduce fatigue? A bit of fresh air or a brisk walk can work wonders. Even low intensity exercise can help you stay mentally and physically alert. When is your low point? Mine tends to be between 3-4pm.

Even if it’s 20 squats or 20 push ups, just a few minutes of exercise can work wonders for your energy levels. Kettles bells always does the trick for me, but we love a good Sweaty Mama class!

sweaty mamas

A helping hand

When you need that extra boost of energy, carefully selected supplements can really help. Have you tried Pharmaton Vitality Capsules? These are clinically proven to relieve tiredness and restore vitality. They are also thought to enhance mental and physical performance – and couldn’t all us parents do with a dose of that!

The capsules contain a special blend of vitamins and minerals, including the G115 ginseng extract, working with your body’s natural metabolism. These can be taken every day* for up to 12 weeks, for temporary periods of fatigue.

energy levels

*Always read the label.

How do you stay energised during the exhausting parenting years?


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