8 Most Popular Jackets for UK Weather

Jackets that Can Hack it!

Because the UK is always in or near the path of the polar front jet stream, pressure changes and unsettled weather are common. A single day can bring a variety of weather conditions. In general, the climate in the United Kingdom is variable and often cloudy, especially in the country’s northernmost regions.  Rain falls evenly throughout the year, so deciding what to wear can be a nightmare. This is where jackets come to the forefront. As the weather changes quickly in the UK, it’s almost always advisable to wear a coat. But, which ones are best? We have tested everything from Parka jackets to your favourite Superdry Jackets. Here are the eight most popular jackets in the UK.

  1. Parka Coat – A parka is a hip-length coat with warm fibre and a furry-edged hood. However, numerous variations allow you to select a version that complements your style. For example, parkas look great at the weekend with jeans and trainers/pumps, but not so much with a business suit. So, if you spend your weekends pottering around a park, this could be a style for you.
  • Field Jacket – The field jacket is easily identified by its three to four exterior pockets and generous fit, which allows you to layer underneath. Outerwear manufacturers have recently become creative with their fabrics, offering field jackets in cotton canvas, waxed canvas, and cotton blends. As the field jacket has become more popular, it has been divided into two sub-categories: modern field jackets and military field jackets. Farm fields rather than battlefields inspire the contemporary field jacket. It keeps the roomy cut but adds creature comforts like corduroy trim and flannel lining. With boxy shoulders, snap-in linings, and a hood that zips into the jacket’s collar, the military field jacket stays true to its roots.
  • Trench Coat – Few jackets are as well-known as the trench coat. Whatever you’re wearing, a trench coat will either make you look incredibly British or royal, can you live with that?
  • Bomber Jacket – The United States Army Corps commissioned Dobbs Industries in the 1950s to design nylon jackets that were lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. These qualities allowed pilots to move freely while being protected from the elements. As a result, the modern bomber took to the skies. Later, Alpha Industries, a subsidiary of Dobbs, began producing civilian bombers. Since then, almost every subculture has adopted the style over the decades.
  • Anoraks – Anoraks do not have to be dowdy. Fashion and functionality are again going hand in hand, thanks to the rise of athleisure and utility trends. How can you appear a little chicer and less of a happy camper? Choose simple designs over sporty ones, and opt for old-fashioned fastenings like snap buttons and drawstring toggles over high-tech features that can feel overly practical.
  • Biker Jacket – A biker jacket is perfect for days when you want to be a little rebellious. Whether or not you ride a motorcycle, this short, close-fitting leather jacket with zips and studs looks stylish and rugged. It also looks great with jeans and a T-shirt, making it a quick and easy option when you’re late but still want to look good.
  • Trucker Jacket – Trucker jackets are among the most flattering and versatile outerwear pieces. They’re cut trim and short, giving you a good range of motion while visually lengthening your legs, and like all great garments, they only improve with age. Denim trucker jackets are the industry standard, but the silhouette works equally well in suede, canvas, nylon, and corduroy. Like a good pair of blue jeans, the trucker jacket goes with everything.
  • Leather Jacket – The leather jacket, like the bomber jacket, has a long history. Most women and men choose leather jackets for a more edged look because they are perfect for casual outfits or parties. All that is required is to wear a leather jacket with the appropriate clothing. It can be dressed up with a printed top and heels or dressed down with a classic white T-shirt, blue jeans, and boots.

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