A ‘different’ kind of visit to Santa

Have you made your annual visit to see Santa with your children yet? It’s something so many families do each year, but we all know that some expereinces are better than others. Feel free to let us know about your good, bad or ugly experiences in a comment below.

We had a lovely Santa experience at the weekend, held at The Canal and River Trust in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. 

a visit to Santa

Santa will meet you in the cafe and you’ll head off on a lovely boat trip together. Santa will spend time talking to all the children on the trip.

Come and join Santa and his helpers this December at The National Waterways Museum!

Santa cruise

When you return, Santa’s baker will need your help to get two cheeky elves under control. They keep eating the Christmas puddings! 

There will be time to choose an early Christmas gift from Santa and tell him what your little ones would like for Christmas. Santa is very happy to chat and have a photo with you.

a visit to Santa

You can then enjoy tea, coffee, juice, mince pies and bisicuits and little ones can do a spot of colouring. Santa’s helpers are on hand to make sure there’s enough for everyone – super helpers they are too!

If you aren’t in a rush to get off, why not have a look around the museum too? Our children were fascinated by all the boats and machines.

how things work

Have you been to see Santa yet this year? Where did you visit?

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