A double act

Having children close together in age can be hard work but mostly it makes for lots of fun, and a tight sibling bond. It’s like having your best friend over to play the whole time!

With 21 months between the oldest two and fifteen months between the youngest two I’ve seen some beautiful sibling bonds develop over the years.

Of course they have their moments, when one sits on the others head or they can’t stand each other, but MOST of the time they are great friends and fiercely protective of each other. You can read more about that in My shadow, my bodyguard, my best friend.


Their tight knit relationships have meant that over the years I have been stitched up by them on a regular basis. The little boys are especially good at this at the moment. At 15 months and 2.5 years, they are full of mischief and developing a crazy sense of humour.

Some days it’s like they’ve been trained by Kevin from Home Alone in the art of adult take downs.

They have a real double act going on, where one will distract me with a ‘Level One’ mischievous activity, meanwhile, the other is engaged in a ‘Level three’ somewhere else in the house.

They are skilled, have ninja like moves and have clearly been trained in the art of parental screw overs.

So, whilst they have me thinking the pressing issue is that the 15 month old is busy shredding bits of toilet paper and randomly eating them, the 2.5 year old has taken another roll of toilet paper and gone and decorated one of the bedrooms with it.

Here they are plotting another mission!


They are both also pretty skilled at needing a poo as we are leaving for the school run, and competing for who can shout poo the loudest in public.

They have graduated from the school of tinkerdom with a first class honors it seems!

Double trouble and a double dose of cute too.


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  1. Brilliant! Just adore close sibling bonds. I have 3 all close together and they adore each other (most of the time!) – gives you a nice warm cosy feeling when you hear them laughing together – love it! Enjoy your too! #TwinklyTuesdays

  2. So much I can relate to here with all 6 of mine being very close in age, I promise it is a total joy seeing them all grow up together and the hilarious teenage banter that replaces the mischievous toddler stage. Enjoy it all #TwinkleyTuesday

  3. Definitely double cuteness!! My two are 21 months apart too, and are thick as thieves… except when they’re tearing each other to bits!!

  4. Ahh lovely! There is 15 months between baby 3 and 4 and 12 months (and 3 days!) between baby 4 and 5 so I know a lot about small age gaps!! It’s hard work but its lovely that they grow up close and Ive actually got the best of both worlds as there is a 10 year age gap between baby 1 and 5!! #fridayfrolics

  5. Aww sounds lovely, as much as they drive you nuts Lottie boys should be all mischief. There’s going to be four years between ours it wasn’t planned that way but it’s the way it worked out. Would have loved for them to be closer to together X #TwinklyTuesday

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