Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

How is your Christmas shopping going? Are you a bought it all and wrapped it sort of person? Or a bit more laid back than that?

Do you ever look at all the Christmas ‘stuff’ and think why do we need it anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and I love giving gifts to others, but sometimes I think it all feels a little out of hand and over the top. Does anyone need any more ‘stuff”?

alternative Christmas gift ideas

Here are a few other ideas for Christmas gifts.


Have you thought about making up a hamper for someone as a gift? There are so many possibilities depending on who the gift is for. For example, for an elderly relative you could put together a hamper full of their favourite things to eat and drink. You could pamper someone with a beauty hamper perhaps? Perhaps someone you know loves stationary, and you could put together a hamper of stationary items. You could even make up something full of sweet treats.

If you don’t feel like making one up yourself, you can buy things like this already done, adding a special card with a message and some personalisation if you want to. Things like this make fantastic gifts I think.

alternative Christmas gift ideas

The Gift Experience have a range of hampers you can purchase for gifts and add a personalised message to the recipient. Personalised gifts make a nice surprise for someone and show you’ve really thought about what to say/give. Perhaps they have a favourite saying or quote – you could add that in the personalisation.

This Retro Sweet Hamper is just one of the many personalised gifts available at The Gift Experience. If you didn’t want a hamper, but wanted a personalised item, why not check out their cushions, framed gifts, wash bags, gardeners gifts and much more!

Time together

You can’t put a price on time spent with loved ones. Why not make a gift out of a lunch or dinner date, perhaps tying it in with a nice walk somewhere? Time spent catching up on all the things you never normally have time for on the busy treadmill of life.

You could create you own ‘voucher’ or ‘invitation’ and still present it as a gift.

alternative Christmas gift ideas

Annual Passes

Perhaps your children, or you as a family have a favourite place to go on a day out? If that’s the case, you could purchase a family annual pass as a gift. That way you can enjoy multiple family outings during the year ahead, making lots of memories along the way.

Perhaps a friend or relative has a favourite place they like to visit – check the website, can you purchase an annual pass? What about something like National Trust Membership? That would mean tons of lovely trips out, not limited to one location.

alternative Christmas gift ideas

Would you consider any of these as gifts for loved ones? Do you have any other ‘alternative’ gift ideas to share?

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