Reasons mums hate the telephone

When you are a mum, speaking on the telephone is not the easiest thing, certainly not whilst the children are awake that is.

You can message and email whilst doing things with children, but I find it almost impossible to talk to anyone on the phone during this time… I hope I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

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I also find that increasingly people want to talk on the phone. So, you will be asked to call to make an appointment, ask a question, cancel something, order something or talk something through and all between 9-5.

I know some people prefer this form of communication but practically there is not much that can’t be achieved via an email, message or online chat. Some of the reasons I hate the telephone are:

family life

  • The children will always want to know who you are talking to and will pester you until you tell them
  • Toddlers will literally wrestle you for the phone, cut whoever it is off, and then ring a Chinese mobile or on the phone
  • At least one child will require you for an urgent task during the phone call, perhaps a very loud request for their bottom to be wiped, or something similar
  • Someone will always fall off the trampoline, the monkey bars or trap someone else’s fingers in something whilst you are on the telephone
  • The person on the other end of the telephone will not understand why you are struggling to have a coherent conversation or why you need them to repeat what they have said several times
  • The phone will always ring at the most challenging part of the day, somewhere between dinner, bath or bed time and answering it is a colossal mistake as it will disrupt any form of routine you may have
  • Even with the volume up to maximum you struggle to hear much of the phone call as you will always be competing with the children, the extractor fan, the noise of the bath running, the television or possibly all of the above!
  • If the phone rings when you are driving, and you are hands free with the sound coming through the car speakers, the whole car can ‘contribute’ to the conversation – don’t do it to yourself!

family life

Is it me?


  1. So true! I also find that that is also the time the Husband wants to tell me something important, blend a smoothie or something else ridiculously noisy that he's put off doing forever!

  2. So very true – it is really hard to have a phone conversation with children around – my little ones always want to join in the conversation and then often cut the call off by pressing buttons. Mind you, that's something that could work quite well with those annoying unsolicited phone calls – maybe I should try just giving the phone to my toddler in that situation and let her babble away! 🙂

  3. Ah so true, it’s so hard speaking on the phone with a noisy toddler around!! I try not to make calls in the daytime if hes there but this week I had to call my mortgage company….I thought I’d give my son some Alphabet biscuits to keep him quiet but he kept saying “Whats that letter?!” and if I didn’t answer he got louder and louder! The poor woman on the phone, probably couldn’t hear a word I was saying! He’ll also say “hello!” about 50 million times if I’m on the phone….ahhhh!!!

  4. I've lost count of the number of times that mortal danger has appeared before me and they have all been whilst I've been holding a phone. I just don't get it?!?

    Thanks for linking up lovely xx #TheList

  5. I hate phones in general, because I hate how a phone call is always supposed to be more important than whatever you are doing at that moment, so you have to stop what you’re doing to answer. Usually interrutpting when you’re in the middle of doing something that needs your full attention. And don’t get me started on PPI and accident claim calls!

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