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One of the most amazing miracles of life is that as women, we get to carry our children inside us, but while pregnancy is a happy and expectant time, it can also be freight with problems and issues, here are just a few:


OK, so before we got on to the stages of pregnancy, it’s important to acknowledge that not all women get pregnant at the drop of a hat. In fact for, some couples it can be a long and arduous road.

So what can you do to improve your chances? Well, first of all, it’s important to be in good health overall. That means eating well, not smoking and being physically fit. As all of these issues can have a bearing on how easy it is to get pregnant or not.

It’s also vital to get you and your partner test for fertility if you have been trying for over a year with no luck. You can even get home testing kits now, although a lot of folks prefer to go to the doctors to get a more accurate reading and discuss the option of IVF.


Not knowing you are pregnant

Once you are pregnant, there are some issues that you need to watch out for. In the first trimester, in particular, many women don’t know they are pregnant for a while and can end up doing things that could be harmful to their and their baby’s health. Such as drinking a lot of alcohol, or possibly eating things you would otherwise steer clear of.

Some women also don’t realise that they are actually pregnant because they still experience some bleeding. They can mistake this for their period, but it could be implantation bleeding or even a sign that something might not be right.

So if you notice unusual bleeding, or suspect that you may be pregnant while this is occurring, then it’s best to get an appointment at a public or private gynaecologists, who will be able to diagnose what the issue is.


Lack of energy

You also might notice that you are more tired than usual and that staying up past 9.30pm is just impossible. This is because a lot of your body energy and nutrients are direct to the developing fetus. Although, getting plenty of sleep and pacing yourself in the day can help.

Also, many women get increased shortness of breath when they are pregnant, especially further into the pregnancy in the second and third trimester. This is because the baby needs more oxygen as it grows. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but if you find it is hampering you, speak to your medical team about a possible way to alleviate this.

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Of course, many women experience morning sickness or nausea and sickness throughout their pregnancy. Although it doesn’t always occur in the morning. In fact, it can occur any time of the day and for some unlucky ladies all through the day. Mine got worse with each pregnancy and lasted well into the third trimester with bouts of sickness multiple times a day.

You can try to relive this at home by eating before you get out of bed and start to move around. Or there are some medications available now that can help to minimise this issue, but often it’s a case of riding it out.

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  1. Great advice can be a very daunting time – just need to remember it’s not forever

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