Back to school the creative way

By now, most children are back at school and settling into their new term. That might mean a new class, a new teacher, new friends or even a whole new school for them.

If your children are anything like mine they love choosing their new bags and pencil cases for the new school year and filling them with new stationary. Is there anyone that doesn’t love new stationary?

Lots of children like to have the same or similar things to their friends but it’s also nice to be able to put their own individual ‘spin’ on things. If your children are creative they might enjoy adding their own personal touch with some of their own designs.

Whilst you are busy stamping, sewing or writing their names in their clothes and school supplies, your children can now get creative with Gel-a-Peel. This is a brand new way to design and create your own jewellery and design accessories. It’s simple to use; just design, peel, wear and share with all your BFFs!

With loads of crazy colours, each Gel-a-Peel pack has everything you need to get started – including a range of pens and drawing templates. Place the template on a flat surface and trace over it with your chosen Gel-a-peel pen. Once it is dry, you’ll be able to peel it off and show off your newest accessory.

What’s more, you can pick different designer tips to go on your pen; use the Round tip to create a circular or beaded effect, use the Star tip to make cute star shapes or use the Rake tip to make your design wavy.

Once you get started, there’s no end to how creative you can go – make beaded or ribbon shapes, add some spiky effects or mix colours to make a rainbow design!

Make bracelets, necklaces, key rings, earrings and much more!

gel a peel

Four Easy Steps to Your Gel-a-Peel Design

  1. Choose one of the templates supplied in the pack
  2. Pick your coloured pen and choose a designer pen tip to create your desired effect
  3. Place your template beneath the clear acetate sheet provided and trace your design
  4. When it’s fully dry, peel off your design to wear and share! Don’t forget to check the drying time on your template!

The full range includes:

  • Starter Kit, SRP £4.99
    • Includes one tube of Gel-a-Peel, a designer tip,eight cool design templates and cleaning tool
    • Colours include Sparkle Pink, Sparkle Purple, Neon Pink and Pure Gold
  • Accessory Kit, SRP £14.99
    • Includes three Gel-a-Peel tubes, five tips, sixteen design templates, two pieces of accessory hardware and cleaning tool
    • Available as a Neon Kit (colours include pink, orange and yellow) and a Sparkle Kit (colours include light pink, bright pink and purple)
  • Deluxe Kit, SRP £24.99
    • The widest array of colours and accessory hardware to get started making your own unique designs
    • Includes five Gel-a-Peel tubes, seven designer tips, 24 design templates, accessory hardware and cleaning tool
  • Design Station, SRP £29.99
    • The ultimate 3D design work station to create your own 3D accessories!
    • The set includes 3D design templates, four Gel-a-Peel tubes (including exclusive colours), four designer tips and 3D objects to design on – including a phone case and design sphere!
    • Plus the set has lots of storage to keep all your Gel-a-Peel pens, hardware and creations in

For tips & tricks, cool how-to videos and much more, visit – perfect gift idea this Christmas or for an upcoming birthday.

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