Beach tips for the summer

Summer might seem like a long way off for most of us. The weather is pretty wild here in the UK at the moment. Wind, rain, snow, more wind, more rain, flooding – it’s been pretty grim some days.

However, I’ve seen plenty of people with trips coming up. If that’s you or you are planning on getting away this summer here are a few tips for what to pack for the beach.

Stock up on sunscreen

Make sure you stock up on sunscreen before your trip, don’t rely on being able to buy the brand you normally use at your destination. This is especially important, if, like us you have a member of the family with a skin condition.

One of our children can only use Childs Farm sunscreen, due to eczema, so we have to make sure we pack enough for the entire trip.

Avoid a sandy towel

Sandy towels – everyone hates a sandy towel right? Now there is a way of avoiding this. What is this genius I hear you ask?

Tesalate make sand-free towels full of Aussie style. Utilising cutting-edge textile technology, they have created a genius AbsorbLite™ fabric to bring you a towel that’s super smart.

It means you leave the beach at the beach, but not only that, it is highly absorbent, with the ability to hold over a litre of water, and, if that wasn’t enough, it drys in half the time it takes to dry a regular beach towel and it’s very compact, so it’s not going to take up tons of space in your beach bag.

These come in two sizes (the larger one is big enough for two people) and tons of funky colours and patterns.

Basically a towel to improve your beach experience!

Freeze those water bottles

If you have access to a freezer during your beach holiday, fill up your water bottles the night before (not quite to the top) and pop them in the freezer. They will defrost gradually throughout the day and you can all sip chilled water when you need it.

Take a mesh laundry bag

I wish I’d realised this years ago. The trouble with the beach is…well…the sand! Sand gets everywhere and you will be finding it for weeks and months afterwards. It can be quite difficult to vacuum out of a car as well, which can add to the frustration.

If you are travelling to the beach in the car, but trying to avoid the car being covered in sand, a way to minimise this is to use a mesh laundry bag to carry all the beach toys and bits and bobs.

The mesh acts like a sieve. So, on your walk back to the car the bulk of the sand should fall through the mesh. You won’t get rid of it all, but this one really does help keep the sand to a minimum.

Have a baby? Take a fitted sheet

This is a great hack. If you have a little one you want to keep out of the sun and sand for the bulk of the day, take a parasol and a fitted sheet to the beach with you.

A fitted sheet placed upside down with one of your beach bags or coolers in each corner acts as a large sand-free play pen/bed for your little one. Somewhere they can safely be contained out of the sun – just don’t forget the parasol!

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