Before you get a pet…

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you might have read my article a while back about how NOT to get a pet for your child – if you aren’t ready for the real thing then we have another suggestion for you.

Have you heard of Little Live Pets? The Little Live Pets Bird Single Pack is the perfect way to have your very own pet bird! Your new bird will respond to your touch, sing, chirp and tweet just for you. These are interactive, so the more you play with your bird the happier it becomes.

Sounds a bit easier (and cleaner) than the real thing right? These are aimed at children five years and over and there are six birds to collect.


The packaging on these takes some patience so you may want to do this before you show your children their new pet bird.

These are very cute and the movement is very realistic, although the mechanism is quite noisy which does distract a little from how life-like they are.

A great gift idea or collectable for a child, these are lots of fun and fairly economical on batteries, which is of course a huge bonus.

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