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We are all proud of our children. However big or small their achievements seem to others, they will always be incredible to us.

What is really lovely, is when children themselves are proud of their achievements. Our children love getting medals and certificates to recognise their triumphs, and they love to keep these as memories.

Until now, we have kept these in part on a noticeboard and in part in a memory book. However, as a result of the huge range of sporting activities our big girl does and her efforts and commitment to all of these, her noticeboard in particular is currently dripping with medals, badges and certificates. She is so proud of each and every one of these and these achievements inspire her to continue to try her best at everything she does.

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At the moment she remembers what each of these was for but over time this is likely to fade. She may not remember exactly what she received and when, or what specific race or event each was given for. I feel that as a parent it is my responsibility to try to preserve all of these things so the children can look back on them all in the future.

I’ve recently come across the perfect solution for preserving these wonderful proud moments. My Proud Moments is a fantastic display folder, designed to preserve your child’s achievements for years to come.  Much loved medals and certificates can be displayed with ease and protected from damage and harm. This is especially important with younger siblings around who might be a little too enthusiastic when looking at medals and certificates. There are lots of options to choose from, depending in your child’s specific interests, for example: dance; football; swimming; or if like our children, yours are into all sorts, then there are some more generic folders available like this one.

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Certificates slot in really easily and look stunning in these wonderful cases. You can purchase additional sleeves when you run out, either for badges and medals, or certificates.

IMG_20150825_210819_resizedBeautifully put together in heavy duty, quality folders, these are ideal once your children start collecting achievements. Don’t leave their precious certificates and badges in a draw, make them accessible in one of these lovely folders, yet protect them at the same time.

IMG_20150827_131413_resizedOne of the issues we did find is that these cases don’t allow space for the ribbon on the medals. They are designed in a way that medals should be displayed without the ribbon and instead you write when and where the medal was achieved on the card. Some medals have ribbons that can be un-clipped, like these swimming medals, so it isn’t an issue if your child has medals like these.

IMG_20150825_211234_resizedNot all medals have this option though, and it seems a shame to cut some of the ribbons off, like on this triathlon medal. It might be possible to develop an option with the folders where these can be included in some way in the future, potentially a slotted card approach where the ribbon can be wound around.

IMG_20150826_071133_resizedThe only other sticking point for us was that some of the holders were a bit too small for larger medals, so potentially, having an additional size as well would also be useful. Expandable folders would also be a good option as once full, these may become rather difficult to close.

It is my intention to purchase these folders for all of the children, as I have not seen anything else on the market that compares to My Proud Moments. For me, this fills a gap in the market and both solves a practical problem, as well as offering a gorgeous, portable display case.

How do you currently display your child’s achievements? Do you think a display folder like this would be useful?

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  1. We display medals and trophies but have too many certificates so this sounds like a great idea for those!

  2. That’s such a great idea! Emma has a cork board where we can pin her drawings on but this will be great for when she’s a bit older! Thanks for sharing! #brilliantblogposts

  3. These sound like a good idea. Currently ours on pinned to walls or stuck on with blu-tac but there will come a time when that just can’t be the case, and it would be lovely to look back at all their achievements and remember what, where, when and why!

  4. What a great folder! It makes a better holder of medals and certificates than the show box my mummy had! It’s lovely when children feel proud of themselves. There is no better feeling! #TriedTested #BrilliantBlogPosts

  5. I love this – we have actually just bought a cheap folder to start keeping my son’s certificates in but this looks a much better option to preserve them and keep them as keepsakes. I tell him I’m proud of him for something every day – even things he doesn’t get a certificate for – like being kind and getting dressed himself (he’s 3). He’s aiming for his 5 metre swimming badge on Tuesday and I’m keeping everything crossed that he comes home with a certificate – I might have to purchase this to keep such an important piece of paper in! #bigfatlinky

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