Bubble Mania

Lots of children love bubbles. Sometimes children go crazy for them, constantly trying to pop them and other times they have quite a hypnotising effect.

Bubbles are great at parties, but you really need a bubble machine to avoid one of the adults having to constantly produce them. One bubble machine you could try is the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado Bubbles Toy, priced at £9.99 with refills priced at £5.99.

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Available from Amazon and other retailers, this would make a great addition to any child’s party or indeed just as a sensory play activity. There are lots of variations and add-ons you can purchase as well including this fun Bubble Wand available from Tesco.

Better suited to outside to avoid making the floor slippy, this works best on the grass, so perhaps better for spring an summer when we are all outside more. This machine seems to work best when placed on something a couple of feet off the ground.


Do stock up on both spare batteries and spare bubble solutions with this one as it eats through both quickly. Also be aware that the bubbles tend to go up not out so little ones might get frustrated not being able to reach them.

Do your children like bubbles? Although this does eat through the bubble solution pretty fast, I still think that is better than having to stand there and blow them constantly!


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