The benefits of bubble play

blowing bubbles

Bubbles – what is it about them? Children of all ages go crazy for bubbles don’t they? They can chase them for hours on end and it is a real sensory experience. Bubble play is something all our children have always enjoyed, from babies, to toddlers and older children, bubbles always have a positive effect. […]

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Bubble Mania

bubble mainia

Lots of children love bubbles. Sometimes children go crazy for them, constantly trying to pop them and other times they have quite a hypnotising effect. Bubbles are great at parties, but you really need a bubble machine to avoid one of the adults having to constantly produce them. One bubble machine you could try is […]

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Ideas for creative play

Do your children love to be creative? Do you feel you have exhausted all the drawing, colouring, and crafting options? Are you looking for outdoor creative play options? Here are a few ideas of things you could try: Collect things from the garden, the park or when out on a walk and use them to […]

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