Building a sand box with a little helper

Little helpers rock don’t they?

I have a whole bunch of little helpers that love doing all sorts but one day this week when the big kids where at school and my youngest was having a nap, my remaining little helper decided that we should do a spot of construction – Bob The Builder style.

sand box

He loves anything involving a screwdriver. It looked simple enough so whilst the sun was shining we got to work.

sand box

“Come on then Mummy let’s get going…the sandpit isn’t going to build itself”


“Mummy are you sure you know what you are doing? ”

sand box

“It doesn’t look like a sandpit Mummy”

sand box

“I see where you are going with this now Mummy, good work!”


“Yay a sandpit ”

 sand box

It was really easy to put together, although you have to be careful lining up the bottom green lining as it doesn’t attach to anything.

The sand you can buy in 15 k bags from Argos. There is about £26 worth of sand in here, although it could take more. I’ve kept a couple to top up at a later date.

We decided to add glitter for a more sensory play experience.

glitter sand

The cover is really useful and makes it a really good all-year-round play option. This is also useful as once constructed it’s not an easy thing to move around. It gets quite windy here so I have just been putting a brick on each corner at night to prevent the cover blowing off. The cover does sag down in the middle when it rains, but I managed to solve that problem by just popping a basketball in the centre before putting the cover on, meaning the rain runs off more easily.

sand box cover

Sand is a great play experience for children, so many children love sand and can have hours of fun digging, making shapes, or just enjoying the feel of the sand running between their toes and fingers.

sand play

This sand box is priced at £29.99 and can be bought online from Selwood Products. It is maintenance free as it is made with pre-treated wood – a real  bonus if you ask me. It is 100 cm squared and comes with 4 corner seats.

Great for all-year-round toddler fun!


  1. I love the glitter in the sand – what a fantastic idea!!! I love the wooden sand pit as well, I think it’s wonderful that it’s not made of plastic as I always find that plastic retains the heat from the sun and can easily burn little hands and feet. And thank goodness that the weather is finally nice enough for us all to finally enjoy letting our little ones play outside in the garden

  2. Love this especially as you can use it all year round too
    Thankyou for the idea and instructions

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