Children in Lockdown

2020 and now 2021 have been very different for everyone. For children, this has meant that everything they know as the norm has altered and there is now a ‘new normal’.

For starters, having schools closed for so long since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a massive change for children. Whilst some have coped well, many have not and alongside this many parents have really struggled with home-schooling. Whether it’s been a struggle to engage children in any learning at all, or whether it’s the juggle of work and home-schooling that has been the hardest, it’s been tough on so many people.

Whilst it is undeniable that so many children have lost so much as a result of the pandemic, many have also gained a great deal too.

James Villas have put together this fantastic infographic, with stats drawn from YouGov, looking at the differences in the lives of children in the UK pre-COVID and since the pandemic began.

Take a look below – which of these are inline with your own children’s experiences?

For us, we’ve all certainly seen each other more since the start of the pandemic. Personally, I was constantly racing around before and the pace of life was far quicker. I was constantly rushing everyone to get in the car here and get out of the car there and so on. Life was a rush.

Whilst our children have missed school terribly, missed their friends, our extended family and all their out of school activities, we’ve also had the time to do things together that we wouldn’t normally.

We’ve tried really hard to focus on the positives through this experience. That seemed much easier in the good weather last year. On cold wet days, when it’s dark at 4pm, it feels much, much harder.

I love the positivity here that 84% of children asked, thought they would be going on holiday in 2021. I wish I could agree. I had hoped this would be the case but it does seem less and less likely. Personally, I think we will all be limited to holidaying in the UK.

What are your thoughts?


  1. We’re very lucky as my parents have some land so we can be outside with the kids not worried about risks, has definitely made us alot closer but I’m dying to go back to work.

  2. My eight year old coped amazing in the initial lockdown, I was heavily pregnant and working flat out for the NHS from home and daphne was mostly taught by youtube kids, this lockdown has reallu taken its toll, we have seen a decline in her mental health, the school have been brilliant and have got her back in to support her (and me as I have a new baby) but its so so sad to see such a difference in her this time round

  3. its been hard for the kids in lockdown , their stress levels have gone up here as we had some terrible news during the lockdown , and they cant go and chat about it with their friends when they need them

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