*WIN* a copy of Muck Is Yuck – A colour-in picture book

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you might have seen or entered our recent competition to win a colour-in table cloth from eggnogg. Brand new from eggnogg is the fabulous new colouring book ‘Muck is Yuck‘ this has recently been selected as one of the Top 9 Best Colouring in Books in The Independent.

Middleton and Petunia, the story’s piggy heros, are now a step closer to joining the ranks of Peppa, Porky, Piglin Bland, Babe and Miss Piggy to name but a few!

Initially written in the depths of Cliftonwood, Bristol, 12 years ago, the author revisited, rewrote and illustrated the story again to in the first lockdown of 2020.

‘Muck is Yuck’ is a new colour-in picture book, a little piggy love story. Love blooms in a pile of poo!

So get your coloured pencils out and follow Middleton Muck and Petunia Peat on their quest for love! RRP £9.50 – this would make a great lockdown gift for any child.

Competition Time

Now the exciting part. Something to cheer you and your little ones up in this latest lockdown. We have one of these lovely books to giveaway to one lucky Mummy Fever reader.

*WIN* Muck is Yuck – a story colouring book from eggnogg


  • Giveaway will run until March 3rd 2021.
  • There is one prize to be won.
  • The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
  • This giveaway is open to UK entries only.
  • Entrants must be age 18 or over.
  • Data controller for the purposes of this giveaway is Mummy Fever. Your details will not be used for any other purpose than selecting/informing a winner.
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  1. We’re good. We work from home anyway. I’m just getting to the stage of needing some peace and quiet as we have 7 in the family

  2. Has its ups and downs but we are coping ok and home schooling is ok we have got a routine that works for us .

  3. I have a long-term illness that has kept me mostly house-bound for years, so the only part of lockdown that I’ve found really frustrating is not being able to go and visit my granddaughter.

  4. I have chronic fatigue which stops me from working so it’s not much different but I do miss seeing all my family.

  5. It has been a real struggle to be honest. But, I start a new job next week which I never thought I would get after being made redundant and because I will be classed as a keyworker, I can send the children to school so I feel super lucky.

  6. Taking each day as it comes, not watching or listening to the news but reading a brief update daily so I still know what’s happening but it’s not bringing me down

  7. Homeschooling is like having a job, I look forward to the weekends even though we are at home. The days seem to go quick. Missing days out with the children and giving them experiences to remember.

  8. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness last summer so it’s done me good as I feel as I’m not missing out on going out as I can’t anyway.

  9. We are doing our best to keep occupied but it is getting a bit of a strain not having seen close family or nearly a year

  10. Not as well as last time – but getting by! Home school & working from home keep me busy but, with my partner at sea for 4 months, I’ve barely spoken to another adult in 2021!

  11. I’m coping ok because I’m still going to work but I’m really missing my daughter’s and my granddaughter they live far from me so haven’t seen them since august

  12. I am a key worker so am lucky to still be getting out of the house most days.
    Video calls have been a great coping mechanism when I’m missing friends and family.

  13. It is not too bad but it is getting a bit long and boring and I would love to meet up with family and friends who haven’t seen for a year

    1. This lockdown is harder as its winter and we can’t be outside as much but we are more fortunate then most so I remind myself to be grateful that I am getting this extra time with my children ❤

  14. After hearing tonight’s news about how we will be easing out of lockdown I’m starting to feel hopeful. It has been very difficult at times.

  15. Im so grateful that I still get to work (parmamedic) yes I know my job is hard but I see it as helping people and I still get to see my friends everyday.

  16. I’m really missing family now but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel ❤️❤️❤️

  17. I’ve been able to binge watch lots of tv, read, do crafts and I’ve loved it but I have to admit I’m getting a bit bored now.

  18. I’m coping really well. The only real change is not being able to see extended family. Besides that it’s only a minor inconvenience

  19. we have ups and downs – missing family and friends and its hard to work at home as well as deal with home schooling

  20. Not coping so well, but my boyfriend is back at work so we won’t be under each others feet anymore! Looking forward to going back to work in April, fingers crossed!

  21. We’re up and down, like a lot of people. It was a lovely day today and we went for a walk in the sin which helped to lift our spirits. It’s great to see spring is on it’s way.

  22. I find lockdown really up and down. I’ve never really been a very social person, but I am missing seeing family as I always made time for that. There have been some nice moments with my daughter and hard moments with us being together so much of the time.

  23. It’s been a rough year.

    I got through 2020 thinking an end would be soon. When 2021 was more of the same and lockdown 3 dragged on and on and on, it was disheartening.

  24. It’s tough not seeing loved ones during lockdown, but I know that better times are ahead!

  25. Trying to be positive and do some things like reading books that there’s not always enough time for but really missing everyone.

  26. I think overall me and my family have been coping ok. It’s been very hard knowing that friends and family are struggling but we can’t go see them and give them a hug when they are having hard times.

  27. Not too bad, I have found that my work and kids have kept me busy. Last lockdown was a lot worse.

  28. It’s been rough, but we’ve found a new routine and it finally looks like an end is in sight.

  29. I’ve had to cope , 2 young children at times its been stressful but my son has now returned to school and my daughter goes back in 2 weeks so its getting better

  30. Not a lot has changed for me as I’m chronically ill and don’t work. I miss all of my family lots and my children have suffered with bad mental health though

  31. I think having a nice garden that needed work doing got us through lockdown
    Also grandchildren 5 minutes walk down the rd has been amazing

  32. It is hard I live in a flat and it has been very isolating, but we have all managed. Facetime, zoom and walks outside have all helped.

  33. Its not much different for me as i have a chronic illness so spend most of my time at home x

  34. Hasn’t made much difference to me as I’m disabled so can’t get out much anyway, do miss seeing family though

  35. I’m coping by booking things to look forward to later in the year, several music festivals, holidays, camping

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