Children: what’s the magic number?

Everyone has an opinion on how many children you should have. Everyone seems to think there is a magic number. Really?

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Some think if you only have one child they will grow up lonely or spoilt. Others think one child means you can give everything you have to them and they will have a better life because they will not have to share your time with a sibling.

When it comes to two children, if they are the same sex people might assume that you will try again and hope the third baby is the opposite sex. Some think two is the magic number, others think it seems very average and is often what is expected because most people are happy with two right?

what's the magic number?

When it comes to three children, some will say this is really bad because three is an odd number and someone will always be left out.

If you have left a ‘reasonable’ age gap you will get the comments of “were they an accident?”. If you have three children of the same sex then that is horribly bad luck for you and people will automatically assume you will try just one last time for a child of the opposite sex.

If you get to four, people will ask you what car you drive, if they are all yours and tell you that you are irresponsible. If you end up with one sex outweighing the other you will be asked if you are disappointed and perhaps even if you will be trying again.

More than four and you are looked at as another species.

So what is the magic number? Of course the magic number is whatever YOU decide it is. Tell everyone else to butt out!


  1. I have four. It was not planned.

    I have two from my first marriage and two from my husband.

    Its crazy and chaotic but it is how it ended up and we love it 🙂

  2. We only have one and we are not likely to have any more due to my health. We often get asked if we spoil Harry (maybe we do *shrug*) or if we want any more (yes we would like more but it’s unlikely to happen). Why are people so nosey? You’re right though, it doesn’t matter how many children you have, everyone always has an opinion.

  3. I come from a family of eight so we were the different species bless my mother. I think society is never happy with any number. It’s always judgments and comments and questions. With one there is when is the next, with two is there any more and with three like you said it goes from there. Never ending. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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