Don’t wake the baby

After four children I have become familiar lets say with what noises wake a baby and those that they seem to sleep through quite happily.

Noises they can sleep through include:

  • The vacuum cleaner – even when it is right next to them
  • The tumble dryer
  • My very powerful and noisy hairdryer
  • MTV on loud
  • Cars outside
  • The lawnmower
  • A noisy road
  • A train passing
  • The noise in the doctor’s surgery
  • A running bath
  • Me thundering around the house doing jobs
  • A violent storm
  • Lights being switched on
  • The extractor fan and other cooking noises
  • Putting out the recycling
  • Changing their nappy
  • Another child waking up- but only in the morning when you are tight on time


Noises that always wake them up:

  • A crisp packet opening
  • The sound of me getting into bed, the bath or the shower
  • The sound of me sitting down to eat
  • A text message
  • A sneeze
  • A cough
  • A floor board
  • The keys on my laptop
  • The lid of the toilet seat
  • Another child waking up – enter ‘the domino effect’ but only at night time
  • The retraction of the stair gate
  • Dropping something in the bathroom sink
  • The phone ringing


What noises can your children sleep through and what noises are guaranteed to wake them up?

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  1. This is so true! My younger son is three and a half and can still be woken by the sound of someone breathing. Dreading what his little sister is going to be like if he is anything to go by!

  2. Oh I completely agree with this! When Zach was a baby he would happily sleep through the X Factor intro and yet if II closed a door or drawer he was awake. Infuriating! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. When I became a dad, a friend of mine who already had a kid said “let your child hear every single domestic noise from day one”. This is what my wife and I did, and both our kids have been fine with noise, all noises. What wakes them up is light. Our eldest was particularly light sensitive and we had to construct a bizarre tent in dark linen and put her to bed at night in that when she was a new born or else she wouldn’t settle. #twinklytuesday

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