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Don’t wake the baby

After four children I have become familiar lets say with what noises wake a baby and those that they seem to sleep through quite happily.

Noises they can sleep through include:

  • The vacuum cleaner – even when it is right next to them
  • The tumble dryer
  • My very powerful and noisy hairdryer
  • MTV on loud
  • Cars outside
  • The lawnmower
  • A noisy road
  • A train passing
  • The noise in the doctor’s surgery
  • A running bath
  • Me thundering around the house doing jobs
  • A violent storm
  • Lights being switched on
  • The extractor fan and other cooking noises
  • Putting out the recycling
  • Changing their nappy
  • Another child waking up- but only in the morning when you are tight on time


Noises that always wake them up:

  • A crisp packet opening
  • The sound of me getting into bed, the bath or the shower
  • The sound of me sitting down to eat
  • A text message
  • A sneeze
  • A cough
  • A floor board
  • The keys on my laptop
  • The lid of the toilet seat
  • Another child waking up – enter ‘the domino effect’ but only at night time
  • The retraction of the stair gate
  • Dropping something in the bathroom sink
  • The phone ringing


What noises can your children sleep through and what noises are guaranteed to wake them up?

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