Are you a fan of the F-word?

Hectic day with the children? I’m used to that routine. It’s those early morning starts, the rushing to get errands done, plenty of after school clubs and extracurricular activities to arrange and chaperone, then straight on to cooking dinner, cleaning up, homework and still trying to fit my own work in during the evening.

wearing flats

Well, that and hearing the elongated vowel in the word ‘Mummy?’ a few hundred times a day. Being a busy mum is hard work we all know that, and all that racing around means you need reliable shoes that will keep you going and feeling comfortable all day. The question is, what kind of shoes should you wear?

When it comes to choosing our shoes for motherly duties, we often neglect style and choose comfort. Why is this? What’s the point? is a phrase often uttered, purely because motherhood is a messy business with all the bodily fluids, the playing and the clearing up.

There may be a point there, as why would you spend time and money on an expensive dress and matching silver sandals if it will get ruined. Also it’s just not practical to crawl around on the floor playing trains in your very best things. What then is the middle ground, and what shoes are perfect for a busy mum?

wearing flats

Let me introduce you to the F-word; flats. Too many women put off the idea of flats as they’re ‘too casual’ or ‘unattractive’. This isn’t the case, as flats are a way of keeping your feet comfortable as the ball of your feet are never pressurised or strained because of a stiletto.

The plush comfort lining often used in shoes nowadays, do help to support your feet, and flats make a great choice for the motherly spectrum of activities. I have to say these days I rarely wear heels and when I do it’s not more than a kitten heel.

Reflecting on this though there are some occasions, such as the never-ending rain in the UK, where flats aren’t the best option. So, a more reliable shoe for colder or wetter weather is a block-heel boot. Block heels have been trending for a couple of years now, and they don’t seem to be wavering from the fashion catwalks. Not only does the block provide stability and support, but a multitude of heights available on the market offer a more stylish look.


Lastly is the word that seems more taboo than it actually is. Trainers. There is nothing stopping you from wearing a comfortable pair of stylish trainers day-to-day. Especially if the day-to-day requires a lot of roaming around to and from various places. Trainers offer a more unique type of support, especially the ones that are designed to support the areas of the feet that undergo the most pressure. You don’t have to settle for the clumpy, aesthetically awkward, and somewhat hideous running shoes, go for a pair of black (or bright pink) trainers with the same support, but are not a crime against your outfit!

Are you embracing the F-word?

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