My first, my last, my everything

My first born and last born – you two challenged me in a different way to the two middle born children.

First born – you taught me that morning sicknesses could come anytime and anywhere.

MyLast (2)

Last born – by the time I was growing you, I was a professional vomitter and had probably broken some record


First born – you introduced me to the anxiety that comes with impending parenthood and pregnancy

Last born – you heightened my anxiety, how could I be so lucky a fourth time?

Whilst all four of you were super late showing up – my first born and last born, you both took so long to come, you needed encouragement in the form of induction.


First born – you taught me how to be strong, you gave me determination and you taught me never to give up. My love for you enabled me to reach the end of an exhausting four day labour and still be able to endure our stay in transitional care.

Last born – you reminded me of my strength and ability to endure a difficult labour and what the female body is capable of. You showed me that birth is unpredictable and that instinct needs to be listened to.

Although three of the four of you were born back to back, you two were probably the trickiest. Your births, although quite different and eight years apart, required an extra level of determination.

First born – you made me a mummy and opened a new chapter

Last born – you closed a chapter, you gave me an ability to take multitasking to a new level and you opened up a whole new world

You all challenged me and no doubt you will all continue to do so. You all made me work hard for you, pushing me to my limits of pain and exhaustion, but the harder the climb, the better the view, right?

My first


My last

My First

My everything



  1. Aww this made me so emotional. I feel the same way about my first and last, it feels as though we have come full circle somehow and they are both so alike, it just feels right to stop at five. Gorgeous photos, thank you for hosting. #sharewithme

  2. Ahh, this is lovely. Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous kids! Three out of four back-to-back labours, wow! I am currently pregnant with our second (and probably last) and find myself getting emotional quite a lot about it. Trying to enjoy every moment xx

  3. A really beautiful post with some gorgeous pictures too. Each birth is different and each child gives something different to us as mothers as well as to the family unit. Thanks for sharing. #sharewithme

  4. Charlotte these photos are beautiful and the words do them justice, the one of them on the beach LOVE.

    I love your sentiments on the first opening the chapter on Mummy and the last closing it, with everyone in between x #sharewithme

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