The truth about ‘back to back’ birth

having babies

If you’ve been told your baby is back to back don’t panic. There is lots of time for the baby to turn before labour and if they don’t you can still do it. There were a few concerned looking faces during my last two births but I was so determined to get my babies out without forceps that eventually started to shift them in the right direction. Good luck and trust your body! It will all be worth it.

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How motherhood changes you


The transition from womanhood to motherhood was more profound than any other transition I’ve been though. Having a child evokes changes that are both gradual and sudden. As a new mother you become stronger and more responsible. The challenge of every day life makes you a better problem solver, you suddenly have even more love […]

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Hypnobirthing – it was a nice idea…

Hypnobirthing was only something I really discovered on birth number three. I longed for a stress-free birth that hopefully resulted in my baby being born in water. After I was given a hypnobirthing audio DVD as a gift, and promptly fell asleep during the first use, I was quietly pumped about the prospect of being […]

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