Fun Date Ideas In London For You And Your Partner

Whenever you get an opportunity for some free time or a trip away with your partner and a break from the kids as a parent, it’s your duty to take full advantage of it. London is an amazing city for couples to explore.

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Are you and your partner visiting London soon and looking for somewhere good to go out together? Perhaps you live in the capital and are searching for exciting places where you can go for dates? We’ve come up with this article on fun date ideas for you and your partner to help you out a little and provide you with some inspiration. Carry on reading to find out more.

Dabble In Your Adventurous Side At An Escape Room

Just because you’re both now a few years older does not mean that you have lost all your sense of adventure. Why not enjoy the enthralling experience of taking on an escape room together? In escape rooms, you and your partner will have to work in a team to crack the clues and puzzles you’re faced with to help you exit the room before the allocated time comes to a stop.

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Escape rooms often have exciting, dramatic themes. If you’re interested in booking your place at a unique escape room in London, check out the new Tomb Raider Live Experience in the Camden area, where you will have the exciting task of tracking down villains in the tomb raider themed experience. This will be perfect for a gaming couple, or just interested fans in general, but there will be something there for everyone. Of course, after using your energy, you can go on to enjoy the delights London has to offer. Why not head to a snazzy bar or restaurant afterwards? London has some excellent gastronomy outlets for you two to savour.

Visit One Of London’s Iconic Theatres To See A Show

There are well-known theatres in traditional, historic buildings that put on fantastic shows throughout the year across London. The main theatre area is central London’s ‘West End’ district. Theatre performances in the city have it all, whether you’re after musicals, drama, romance, war tales, or whatever type of show takes your fancy.

For some people, there’s nothing more fun than getting yourself all dressed up to go out in the bright lights to the theatre with your beloved partner and creating special memories in each other’s company as a couple. 

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Go To A Live Sports Event With An Electric Atmosphere

Are you and your partner both avid sports fans? If so, why not attend a live sports event in London together? These events can be both entertaining and memorable with the electric atmosphere, live and in the flesh. Whether it’s Wimbledon to see tennis in the summer, attending a football match at one of the grounds of the city’s six sides in the Premier League, Twickenham to see rugby, or going to Lords or the Oval to watch cricket, London has it all when it comes to live sports events.

Go For A Date On The River Thames

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Boat tours and dining at riverboat restaurants on the dreamy River Thames is a truly romantic date idea that will enable you both to take in the jaw-dropping views of London from the waterside. Fortunately, there are various top-quality food restaurants on the Thames for you to choose from.

Date In A Pub

Pubs are a great place to relax and converse, making getting to know someone new comfortable and easy. You and your date can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and food, meaning you can find something to suit your unique taste, whether you’re a beer drinker, a wine drinker, or a cocktail connoisseur. 

In addition, pubs are a great place to people-watch, a fun way to break the ice on a date. Hence, you and your partner can always find something to discuss if the conversation lags. 

If you’re looking for a livelier atmosphere, many pubs in London offer live music and shows regularly. Central London is packed with pubs, such as West Norwood Pub. You and your partner can enjoy eating fish and chips, steak, or Sunday roast, a hearty and delicious meal to share with your date. Further, you can book a karaoke room and get a chance to sing on stage while your partner is cheering you on.  


You can do many fun date adventures in London. The city gives you and your partner beautiful nature scenery, magnificent landmarks, good music, fantastic shows, delicious food, exciting outdoor adventures, and great conversation starters. Have fun trying the new fun date ideas above.


  1. I love that your mentioned escape games because London is filled with them. Can’t go wrong with it either no matter what the weather brings. I do love an escape game. Need to visit one soon.

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