Get ‘Love Struck’ by ready-to-blend smoothies, shakes, soups and cocktails

Hands down my favourite kitchen gadget is my NUTRiBULLET – I absolutely love it. I use it every single day. I use it to mix an overnight oats and protein mixture I prepare for breakfast everyday; I use it to make frothy milkshakes for the children; and I use it to make smoothies.

I have this fantasy that if I lived somewhere hot and had daily easy access to a wide range of fruits and veggies all year around, then I would blend my own fresh smoothies daily. The fruit bowl would always be overflowing with ready-to-blend deliciousness, which would either be delivered directly to the door, or purchased from a beautiful market within walking distance. Everyone would drink these healthy smoothies before they left for school and work and we would all consequently gain wonderful health benefits from this daily practice.

I know – I did say it was a fantasy.

The reality goes something like this. Every few months I get the urge to blend all the fruit and veg in the world. I either order tons of fruit in the online shop, or manage to make it to the local greengrocers. On the first day of blending everyone drinks them, but by day four it’s just me and my daughter left still going. By day five we’ve run out of fruit and everyone has lost interest, and so it ends until the next cycle.

Get Love Struck

Whilst most of us these days are already sold on the need for healthy eating and sustainability, the barrier to this is often convenience. I love going to our local greengrocers but the reality is that a round trip there takes an hour out of my day.

Enter Love Struck – here to solve all our smoothie, shake and soup problems!

This company now supply over 6,000 outlets worldwide including David Lloyd gyms, Ocado and Amazon, and they export to Australia, NZ, America, The Middle East and Europe.

Whilst the business has grown, the original mission has remained the same – to spread the joy of easy-to-make smoothies, shakes and soups. They started by selling directly to customers at Borough Market and now have come full circle – delivering directly to you in your home!

These are so easy and delicious to put together. Take a bag directly from your freezer, add apple juice, water, milk, oat or almond milk – whatever you choose and blend. It’s as easy as that!

As the warmer weather approaches and you fancy a little cocktail – you can even order a cocktail bundle ready to blend, directly to your door.

As all pouches come ready to blend there is no waste from fruit you’ve had to buy to blend. You simply use the contents of the pouch and enjoy. If you don’t like the look of the set bundle they have, you can even pick your own.

If you’d like to give Love Struck a go I have a discount code for you – STARS10 is valid for 10% off across the site, not in conjunction with any other offer. Enjoy!

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