Great wellies for all budgets

Wellies, I LOVE wellies. I could quite happily potter about in a pair of wellies everyday during the colder and wetter months. There are some amazing wellies out there, and, like with anything, some cost an absolute fortune, BUT, it’s possible to find really good wellies for ALL budgets.

I’ve made a list of some of the great wellies out there which all have different price points, read on to find out more.

Joules Wellies

I’ve bought quite a few pairs of Joules wellies over the years, for myself and the children. Overall, I would say they tend to be fairly hard wearing and comfortable. They aren’t a budget welly, but equally, not the top price point either, so a good middle of the road welly.

They aren’t especially heavy duty, but if you are looking for a decent pair of wellies for winter walks, beach walks or simply heading off on the school run when there are puddles on the pavement, then these are ideal.

Crafted from hardwearing natural rubber, and complete with a water dispersing sole (think about a car tyre) for extra grip. They also used a Nylex lining, too. It will wick away moisture from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable.

These Joules Wellies are currently £38.24

They also do wellies for children, I’ve included examples below, but there are loads of lovely ones.


Have you discovered wellibobs yet? I love these things! Whether you’re heading to a festival or a farmyard, or just want warm and dry feet all autumn and winter. These could be the answer. Joules also make lovely wellibobs, but many other brands also do these now and they are available in a range of price points. If you’ve got cash to splash you can get a pair of Barbour ones, but equally, you’ll be able to pick up some at your local supermarket. A friend of mine got some gorgeous leopard print ones from a supermarket last year.

Wellibobs from Joules are made from a hardwearing natural rubber they’ll see you through season after season of muddy strolls and with a side gusset and pull tab they’ll be easy to slip on and off. Perfect if you’re looking for an alternative to classic wellies.

Hunter Wellies

I first wore Hunter wellies when i was about 13 years old and at the stables helping out every weekend. They are so comfy and cushioned and were always very hard wearing (thank goodness as they were always pricey). The downside of these is that they can be very narrow in the leg, so not comfortable for lots of people with muscly calves. As an example, these ones have:

  • High gloss finish
  • Fully waterproof
  • Textile lined to deliver exceptional fit & comfort
  • Original calendared outsole offers high-grip in the wet
  • Each pair handcrafted from 28 individual parts

Hunter make wellies for all the family, these matt ones are from their men’s range.

Neoprene Wellies

I discovered neoprene wellies a couple of years ago and I honestly felt I’d been missing out. These are perfect for large calves and if you like wearing big thick welly socks inside your boots. These are also ideal if you need a harder wearing sole to your welly.

I was going through wellies so fast because they kept getting holes in the soles from hawthorns and brambles, I haven’t had any issues at all with these boots. They are still going strong. These are very warm and very comfortable. They are also really reasonable in terms of price for the quality that you get.

  • NEOPRENE FISHING BOOTS – The Michigan Neoprene Fishing Boots are high quality footwear ideal for fishing, farming, garden use etc.
  • COMFORTABLE – very comfortable to wear with a high 3/4 length calf (approx. 17″). Neoprene ensures they are warmer than normal wellington boots.
  • DURABLE – This item is made to last making both tough and durable.
  • PROTECTIVE – The boots have a high grip tough sole and are waterproof.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Material: 5mm deluxe soft neoprene with rubber bottoms.

Dunlop Wellies

Dunlop make some really cheap but excellent wellies. These are a good example.

100% Original Dunlop Wellington Boots
Deep Thread for Enhanced Grip
Fully Waterproof
Durable Rubber
Strong Grip Sole
Flexible Sole
Easy to Pull On
Shock Absorbent
Come in Polybag Packaging
Ideal for Festivals, Gardening Farming & Dog Walking

These are bargains at £13.08 a pair!

They also do some more expensive, heavy duty boots. The ideal Purofort+ work boot for the construction and infrastructure sector. This boot has the highest non-slip certification, SRC. The shaped shaft offers a safe fit and the reinforced insole provides improved gripping properties and prevents sprained ankles. Additional reinforcement in the metatarsal area and the heel offers the foot protection and support when moving.

These are lightweight and durable, whilst also flexible for more comfort. They have a reflective strip on the heel for better visibility and a steel toe cap with some midsole protection.

These boots are energy absorbent, anti-static, have an oil resistant outsole, are slip resistant, 100% waterproof, AND cold insulating to -20°C!!!!

These Dunlop boots a re £66.67 a pair.

Trespass Wellies

Trespass, is a great brand of wellies. Trespass is one of the UK’s most successful outdoor clothing retailers providing a wide range of products from walking boots to outdoor furniture, selling internationally and exporting to over 60 countries. There wellies are a great option, at a good price point.

Kids Wellies

Good kids wellies don’t have to cost a fortune, these shoe zone wellies we have had for ages and they’ve been really good. These are currently £12.99 which I think is a bargain. They are comfortable and the soles are thick and resilient.

Do you have a favourite brand of wellies?

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